Investing in the Next Generation of World Changers

Investing in the Next Generation of World Changers

Cinda and her group of teens serving in Guatemala through Forever Changed InternationalFor 3 weeks every summer board member Cinda Rachor takes over Dorie’s Promise with teams of teenagers from her hometown in Michigan. Our guest houses become a hive of energy and excitement.

Originally finding Dorie’s Promise during their adoption* journey, the Rachor family connected with our staff and children during frequent visits with their daughter over a 7 year period. Within a few years, the time was right to begin bringing teens from their hometown to experience Dorie’s Promise. Beginning with only 12 teenagers on her first trip, Cinda’s teams now include 30 members each week. Leading teams in Guatemala is a Rachor family passion.

The teenagers joining Cinda during these summer trips overcome the stereotypes plaguing their generation. In the months leading up to their trip, they commit regular time for team training and fundraising. Many team members also voluntarily study Spanish to enhance their experience.

Teens from Cinda's groups during a work project.

Even though prospective team members are warned about long days of manual labor, Cinda’s teams are always full, an acknowledgment of her commitment to both Dorie’s Promise and developing world changers in her community.

Cinda recognizes the unique opportunity she has with these teens. “Teens are a perfect time of life to experience a mission trip! They are so open, willing and give all they’ve got.”

Many people may doubt the long-term results from teen trips, but through relationships with the Rachor family and the depth of experience at Dorie’s Promise these teens are spreading awareness and support for Dorie’s Promise long after they return home. In fact, about 60% of team members return for a second, if not third, trip.

Teens on a mission trip in Guatemala.“I (Cinda) am repeatedly blown away as I witness the perspectives of teens change as they realize the many ways God can use them to make a difference in the lives of others.”

We appreciate Cinda’s dedication to Dorie’s Promise over the last decade. A relationship that began through the adoption* of a beautiful little girl developed into a commitment to the children of Dorie’s Promise and families throughout Guatemala. Cinda “loves that through the mission trips we have been able to share FCI and the children of Dorie’s with hundreds of people in our community.”

Are you investing in the next generation of world changers? If your school, church, family, or friends would like to serve with us in Guatemala, visit our Trips page for more details and our calendar.  We’d love to work side by side with you.

*International Adoptions from Guatemala closed in 2008.

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