How to Support Our Children after High School

How to Support Our Children after High School

Last month, we celebrated our fifth high school graduation. As Jennifer walked across the stage in her cap and gown, we were once again reminded that her accomplishments are a result of God’s faithfulness in our children’s lives and the opportunities we have to help them prepare for adulthood. Although she has graduated, Jennifer still needs your support.

An Opportunity Otherwise Unavailable

Jennifer joined us as a toddler. At the time, our home was full of little ones. Looking back through photos, you can quickly spot Jennifer’s big smile. She was a sweet, happy little girl who loved to spend time with others, especially Amelia.

We couldn’t imagine the day we’d be considering college degrees and careers.

As years passed, Amelia’s adoption was eventually finalized while Jennifer stayed with us at Dorie’s Promise. Amelia’s life was changed through adoption. Jennifer’s life has been changed through opportunities at Dorie’s Promise.

Thanks to faithful donors and sponsors, Jennifer excelled in a local private school. Her coursework prepared her for university studies, and she recently passed her entrance exams for college.

Jennifer will be starting college in 2023.

In many other Guatemalan orphanages, attending a private school, graduating high school, and dreaming of college are impossibilities. Jennifer achieved her goals because our supporters believe in the mission of Dorie’s Promise and are committed to helping each of our children thrive. Jennifer’s next big step toward adulthood begins in January.

Myra and Brayan’s 2023 Plans

In addition to Jennifer, Myra and Brayan also graduated from high school and live at Dorie’s Promise.

Myra recently completed her first year of college in a medical program. In January, she will begin her second year of classes. As the new year approaches, she’s excited about the opportunity to return to school primarily in person. As a young woman, Myra enjoys the increasing levels of independence and responsibility associated with college. We’re proud of her maturity and the grace she carries throughout life.

As you may recall, Brayan graduated last year from a culinary program after the pandemic caused the closure of his former school. Throughout the last year, he spent significant time working alongside the men in our home and provided valuable assistance to our summer mission teams. While working with our staff, his career interests began to shift. For several months, Brayan has been attending English classes and in the new year, he intends to study auto mechanics. Our Administrator Selvyn regularly meets with Brayan and is helping him plan for the future.

How You Can Help

Like Jennifer, Myra, and Brayan, nearly half of our children are teenagers or young adults.

Thinking about the future, our children will need more educational opportunities to be successful. They will attend universities and trade schools in pursuit of future careers. While they focus on their studies, we want to continue providing a stable home and family.

Please consider giving a special gift to our Education & Career Fund.

In 2023, our Education & Career Fund will help the children at Dorie’s Promise thrive. Myra begins her 2nd year studying medicine. Jennifer starts college. Brayan continues his English classes while also working. Yire, Abraham, Maria, Nayeli, Ana, and Nayeli return to their beloved private school. Our homeschool program opens for the 3rd year and expands extracurricular activities.

You can help create opportunities for our children at Dorie’s Promise.

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