Hope in the New Year





By Pablo Villagran-

Happy 2013! Our staff is brimming with optimism as we enter the new year. This outlook stems from what we have seen God do during the past year and faith that He will lead us into a better future.

“The visits by mission groups were amazing,” says receptionist and office assistant Leslis Barrios. “That was the highlight of 2012."

“God definitely has plans for us. I have faith in Him because in my four years here I have seen amazing miracles. Not only with our budgets, but with our kids. I know God can take care of us.”

I know how she feels. I have seen God’s hand touching our kids, the Special Mothers and other staff members. I trust that He will continue helping the forgotten children of Guatemala.

For me personally, the highlight of 2012 was leading morning devotions for our mission teams. I sensed God using me to reach people with spiritual needs, and who had many questions for God.

I don’t say this with pride, because God deserves all the glory. To help our children, He will use anyone who is willing to be used.

Teacher Claudia Roncal is especially encouraged by eight more children recently receiving scholarships for 2013 to attend the private Christian school, El Shaddai.

Within our ministry, she has also seen a renewed focus on the importance of children.

“More than any difficulties we face in the organization, there is still a bright future,” Claudia says. “The Lord will never abandon the children.”

Maria Jose Ramirez, who oversees legal, financial and maintenance matters, hopes to see God help us identify more Guatemalan families willing to adopt.  NOTE: ONLY GUATEMALAN FAMILIES CAN ADOPT OUR CHILDREN.  GUATEMALA REMAINS CLOSED TO INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS.  She was quite excited last summer when six-year-old Elyel got adopted by a local family, since he came here a baby.

Within the organization, Maria has seen many positive changes, such as better-organized houses, faster processing of legal paperwork, and improved financial stability.

“The children always represent our hope for the future,” Maria says. “We are working to help them achieve a better life and, in the end, we will have results.”

Chef Mayra Levon, who is on the front lines of developing healthier menus for residents and staff, saw God opening doors the past year to bless kids in food and medical areas.

“I expect that God will keep opening doors so the kids can learn more and have more opportunities,” Mayra says. “We can have hope for the future in spite of the economic downturn and other challenges because we trust in God.”

Director Alejandra Diaz shares in the optimistic spirit surging through Dorie’s Promise, having repeatedly experienced God’s faithfulness during difficult times.

“What I cannot be sure of is how He is going to move every day,” Alejandra says. “He has special ways of showing us that He is with us. I have no doubt that He will always be with us as we keep doing what we have been called to do: Take care of His little ones.”

If you would like to join this worthwhile mission during 2013, click here for more information.

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