Honoring the Fathers of Dorie’s Promise

Honoring the Fathers of Dorie’s Promise

Father’s Day in Guatemala is June 17th. Today, we want to honor the fathers at Dorie’s Promise.

Doc Castro, Selvyn, Javier A., Abel, Angel, Oscar, Javier O., and Moises-

Thank you. We probably haven’t told you enough, but we’re immensely grateful for the role you play in our home.

Much of the time, you work behind the scenes to make our houses a home. You do the work that isn’t pretty but is necessary. We see what you do and want others to know about the effort you give so that our children have what they need and much of what they want.

Thank you for taking care of our homes. We don’t worry about who will change a lightbulb, make repairs, or solve any of our daily issues. You are here, taking care of our homes so we can focus on the children. Even more than the practicality of our homes, you make our homes beautiful and a place we enjoy. Thank you for the care you give our facilities so we can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for not quitting on the grass in the backyard.

Thank you for the time you devote to our children. Driving to school and appointments isn’t just a task to you. The time our children spend with you is special and your conversations will stick with them long after they leave Dorie’s Promise. You are teaching our children by the way you live. It may seem like they aren’t listening or interested, but we know they really are.

Thank you for investing in their future. You have the ability to reach our children, especially the boys, in a very special way. They look up to you. In the classroom, during therapy, when they’re “helping” you wash the van, and especially when you take time for conversations, you are investing in who they will become. You teach them in ways the rest of us cannot. Thank you for filling in the gaps to make us a whole.

Please join us in thanking Doc Castro, Selvyn, Javier A., Abel, Angel, Oscar, Javier O., and Moises for serving at Dorie’s Promise.

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