Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Baby Cristopher is home for the holidays with his family! After being with us at Dorie’s Promise for 11 months, we’re excited to share the news of Cristopher’s reunification.

Our Part in Cristopher’s Story

Last December, we received a call asking us to consider taking in a newborn baby. His case was complicated, as were his medical needs. Luckily, we have Doc Castro and our Special Mothers are experienced in these situations.

A few weeks before Christmas, we welcomed Cristopher into our home.

Over the next few months, he faced several medical scares. His mother hadn’t received prenatal care and there were complications during his birth. Although we were monitoring him around the clock, including receiving supplemental oxygen at times, he made several trips to the hospital for additional support. We shared more of his story last May.

By summer, Cristopher’s health was stable and he was thriving.

Covid-19 Delays Cristopher’s Reunion

While our staff was caring for Cristopher and his medical needs, his family was working with the court to meet their needs at home.

Unfortunately, the pandemic shut down the family courts in Guatemala and many of the agencies and resources the family was relying on for months. Because their case wasn’t an emergency, their hearings were delayed. Even so, Cristopher’s family worked hard to ready their home and keep in touch with him.

Cristopher’s short stay with us extended longer than anticipated.

Going Home for the Holidays

On November 7th, we celebrated Cristopher’s first birthday at Dorie’s Promise. Shortly thereafter, his grandmother came to Dorie’s Promise for the final time.

Cristopher went home with his grandmother on November 11th!

We can’t imagine the excitement when she returned with him. He has three older brothers at home eagerly waiting to meet him. While his mother works to provide for their family, his grandmother will care for all four boys.

Not every story has a happy ending. Cristopher’s story reminds us that families are worth working for. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to support them and witness their reunification.

Merry Christmas Cristopher 🎄! We can’t imagine a better gift than family.

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