Hitting the Gym and Having a Blast

Hitting the Gym and Having a Blast

Helping our kids be healthy, happy, and find ways to channel their emotions is something we’re always working on.

For our founder, Heather Radu, the overall well-being of our children is her highest priority. Not only does she want to raise kids in a safe home, she wants to help them become healthy in every way.

Keeping up with Heather’s energy and passion takes everything we’ve got. She’s quite the example for all of us. Not surprisingly, when she visited our home a few months ago, Heather spent most of her time talking with our older kids about how they’re doing and their futures, followed by finding opportunities for them to do activities interesting them. One of the things she noted was that the kids wanted sports activities other than just soccer, especially our older girls.

Hitting the gym

At the gym.

Knowing the oldest kids especially wanted a chance to get out of the house and do something fun, Heather invited them to join her at the gym. We’re pretty sure they didn’t expect it to be so hard keeping up with Heather at the gym.

Flanked by our oldest kids, her family, and some of our staff, Heather headed off to the gym, trying to see if it was a good fit for our kids. After a really fun spin class, the group decided to take on a Crossfit-type class too. For our kids, it was their first time working with a trainer at this gym. Usually, they’re playing soccer at home, taking gym class at school, or going to a sports camp.

We’re happy to report Heather returned home with everyone laughing, smiling, sweaty, and ready to go back again.

Creating a healthy lifestyle

Now, Aracely, Ana, Jennifer, Myra, Brayan, and Silvia are all heading to the gym with a Special Mother regularly. We’re starting to notice a difference in their ideas about being healthy. We’ve partnered with the gym’s nutritionist and trainer to create a program that’s both helpful and safe for our kids.

We’re focused on helping the kids become strong and healthy. As teens, developing a body image is a big concern, especially for our girls.

Although they’d much rather do cardio than strength training, the gym’s trainer meets with our kids and is helping our girls understand how to be both strong and healthy. With so much pressure on young women, we want our girls to be confident in their inner beauty and strength. They are more capable than they give themselves credit for.

Listening to them tell stories about their workouts, we think they’re having fun and are proud of themselves. Plus, what they’re learning at the gym is influencing the rest of our kids. We’re all making small changes to eat better and get moving more.

Even if they’re tired and sweaty, we’re glad Heather invited the kids to hit the gym with her.  

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