Helping Our Kids Just Got Easier

Helping Our Kids Just Got Easier

For the last decade, our sponsors have faithfully supported the children at Dorie’s Promise. We’re excited to announce that our new website and Sponsorship platform are now live!

You can now find updated pictures and stories about each of our children on our easy-to-use Sponsor Page. Go ahead, browse the new page. We’ve filled it with new photos and stories for you to enjoy.

Why sponsorship matters

Our home operates completely off private donations from people just like you. As a private orphanage, we don’t receive any funding from the Guatemalan government.

Sponsorship matters.

We have a faithful team of donors who have committed to supporting our children each month. The clothes our kids wear, the food they eat, the beds they sleep in, and the staff who cares for them each day—all made possible through private donations. We couldn’t provide the holistic care our children need without our donors.

Right now, we need more people to join our family of donors. Monthly sponsorships are the most stable way we fund our home, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough monthly donors yet. Our total monthly sponsorship hovers around 60%. The other 40% is met by some generous donors who believe in our mission and step in to make up the difference.

Sponsorship helps us achieve our dreams

Our dream is to double the number of children living in our homes. Thousands of children in Guatemala need a healthy home where they can heal. We’re committed to caring for Guatemala’s forgotten children.

The first step to achieving our dream is to become 100% sponsored. When our current monthly expenses are fully funded by sponsorships, we can partner with our donors to begin expanding our homes and accepting more children.

Will you help us achieve our dream? Visit our new Sponsor Page and learn more about the children of Dorie’s Promise. Find answers to your sponsorship questions on our new FAQ page.

Thanks for supporting our children and believing in the mission of Forever Changed International and Dorie’s Promise.

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