Help Us Get A New Bus Before The New Year

Help us get a new bus before the new year!

Toyota microbusWe first wrote to you in June about our vehicles needing to be replaced. We started a fundraising campaign to purchase a new 16-passenger Microbus.

Thanks to many generous donors and their faithful support of this ministry, we have raised $45,700 of the $55,000 needed to make the purchase.

We want to remind you how pressing this need is for our orphanage. The vehicle we are using to transport the children is seeing its last days.  We have repaired it, patched it up, and made do for as long as possible, but it’s definitely time to replace it. We are praying that the funds will all be raised by year’s end. This will provide reliability and more space for our growing children for years to come.

Will you please consider making a donation for this cause? Any amount matters when it’s a group effort. Your donation of $20 or $50 or even $100 will add together with donations from other supporters and a couple of matching grants we’ve secured to get us to the end of our goal. We have seen God do amazing things in the past when we pooled our resources. We know it can be done!

The children start school again in January, so let’s make sure they have reliable transportation by that time.

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