Healing through Holistic Care

Healing through Holistic Care

We’re raising children who experienced unspeakable trauma before joining us, often at the hands of those closest to them. Imagine small children being left alone all day to care for themselves—hungry, scared, and vulnerable. Some escape physical abuse. Many do not. How do you help children whose physical wounds reveal even deeper emotional pain?  We believe in healing through holistic care—spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual care.

What Holistic Care Means to Us

Estela holding a paintingOur children deserve the opportunity to become happy and healthy adults. Our mission is to give them space and resources to become the absolute best version of who they were designed to be. Holistic care gives us the framework to help by focusing on 5 key components of wellness and life—spiritual health, emotional health, physical health, social health, and intellectual health.

  • Spiritual health forms the foundation for values and purpose.
  • Emotional health supports mental health and recovery from past trauma.
  • Physical health provides strength and stability for future opportunities.
  • Social health creates space for others and develops expectations for healthy relationships of all kinds.
  • Finally, intellectual health transforms knowledge into understanding.

Dorie’s Promise is a safe place for healing and growth. Healthy children are better equipped to make wise choices, act with integrity, respect others, and strive to be the best version of themselves.

Caring for the Whole Child at All Times


Most of our children faced either neglect or abandonment by their parents, making them more susceptible to long-term physical and mental health concerns. In some cases, their physical and emotional trauma requires urgent care and intensive therapies.

Healing is never a quick process.

2021 Children at Dorie's Promise

All needs are interconnected. For example, a malnourished child is often also scared and distrustful of others. Why was he left alone with no one to help? He’s afraid of the new people around him, afraid of the home he came from, and sad to be away from the people he loves. Plus, he doesn’t know how far behind he is in school because no one in his family goes to school.

We cannot treat physical trauma without acknowledging the emotional wounds left behind as well. As they heal emotionally, our children must learn to value themselves and develop healthy relationships with others. Hence, our medical, psychological, and child care staff work in conjunction to give the best care for each child.

We care for the whole child at all times because our children deserve the opportunity to be their best.

Opportunities for the Future

Although we care for children today, we think about the adults our children might be in the future. We dream of them becoming independent adults with careers, families, and homes. Our job is to give them support, guidance, and opportunities to thrive.

Abuse and abandonment do not need to define their lives. Fear and rejection can be overcome by love and support. We believe in the transformational power of holistic care because we’ve watched children take control of their life story through healing and set their course for success.

Holistic care—we don’t know any better way to love, serve, and encourage our children to become who they were created to be.

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