Goodbye Marlon!

Marlon came to Dorie's Promise in January of 2009, just before his 2nd birthday, through a court order after he was abandoned at a Fire Station. We are so happy to announce that Marlon has found a Guatemalan family to adopt him.

Marlon is an amazing 5-year-old who loves to stay active! His favorite things include running, jumping, playing with cars, and tossing balls. He is a very loving child enjoys playing with other children and loves to gives hugs and kisses all of the time!

Marlon is doing very well in school and is currently working on following instructions and identifying colors and shapes. He loves singing during devotion time and can often be found praying for others. Like most little boys, Marlon loves food! His favorites are pizza, chicken, and any meat dish.

from Marlon's sponsor page

His new father is a nurse and his new mother iSaying Goodbyes an accountant. After two weeks of visits Marlon went home with his family. He is an affectionate boy and during the visits we could clearly see that he was having good time with his new family.



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