Good Health & Relationships at Dorie’s Promise

Doctor Castro and some of his "patients"

By Dr. Francisco Castro –

Lester takes a listenWe believe that good health depends on dynamic but stable relationships among biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors. A comprehensive and integral health system should become involved in attending to such factors.

Our system utilizes four health strategies; health promotion (via education of Dorie’s Promise personnel), disease preventive, treatment and rehabilitation.

We keep a close eye on the children’s growth and development through regular check-ups, depending on child age and health, it allows us to get a baseline when a child arrives and then allows us to accurately gage outcomes from our interventions.

During the first few hours after a child arrives at Dorie’s Promise we give them a thoroughly physical and mental examination and a preliminary clinical impression is determined, follow by a plan for their health and development.

Hans, happy and healthy at our home.

Hans, happy and healthy living at our home.

A child may be put into quarantine for a few days, under close observation and gradually be adapted to the homes environment. In the meantime, we are able to get test results and treat them for any preexisting conditions. This system, of quarantine and gradual introduction has been successful in preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases. It’s been many years since we’ve had a major outbreak.

One boy, Hans came to use this year after being hit by a car. He suffered some head trauma, as well as suffering from other problems being related to having lived on his own, on the streets. Dental cavities, lice and scabies are common malady’s see when children first enter our home.

The program also watches out for personnel whom could bring in infectious diseases, diagnosing and treating or giving recommendations. We also have been able to serve missionaries that become ill when visiting our home. Occasionally also serving other children´s homes that ask for pediatric assistance and advice.

We work hard to promote a healthy lifestyle for personnel and children, so almost every activity at Dorie’s Promise has a potentially positive impact on integral health. In that respect activities are assessed to help avoid accidents, food safety is reviewed to prevent food borne illnesses, and healthy food and physical activities are promoted. All children are in need of good health education and training for them to take care of themselves, live and work an independent life.

Doctor Castro and his nurse with several of the children from Dorie's Promise.25% of our children suffer more complex and chronic illness that require ongoing treatment. They will need our program to provide continuing access to pediatric, psychological and specialized professionals to help them.

Dorie’s Promise through its health program has been blessed with a good relationship so far with Guatemala´s private sector healthcare, Ministry of Health officials and medical teams working at the leading public/teaching hospitals and their pediatric and specialties departments. These hospitals, clinics and laboratories are willing to continue supporting us, most of them giving time and services without any financial demand from us.

Thank you to all of our homes donors and sponsors who provide for our children. We are only able to offer this excellent healthcare because of your help.

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