God Remembers Those Who Serve


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By Heather Radu –

Founder Heather RaduDid you know that “remember” is one of the most important words in the Bible? All through the Old Testament God calls the people of Israel to remember how he had delivered them from Egypt. In the New Testament, Jesus calls us to remember his sacrifice when we take communion, and Paul takes the Galatians to task for not remembering the gospel. So remembering matters.

Sometimes I am amazed at the different people God calls us to remember in the Bible. Of course there are important people like Abraham, David, Peter and Paul, but they are not the only names we see in the Bible. God also tells us about those who served in small ways. In Acts 9, the widows of the Church were crying over a just such a person. Her name was Dorcas. She was not a public leader of the Church, nor did she write a book of the Bible. What she did do was live a servant’s life. She watched over these widows and made sure their needs were met.

Most of the time serving those in need does not grab headlines. There is nothing flashy about fixing an elderly man’s rain gutters, or whipping up a meal and taking it to a woman who is no longer healthy enough to leave her home. These things will not make you famous. Most people won’t remember anything you’ve done, but I know that those you help will, and I know that God will. After all, he thought enough of this kind of service to include Dorcas in the Bible.

Please consider getting out there and serving people who need you. I guarantee there are opportunities all around you. You may not see them right now, but Jesus reminded us that we will always have the poor with us. Pray. Ask God to show you an opportunity to serve those in need today. Remembering matters, so please remember that Jesus reached out to you whenever you were helpless. When we help those in need, we, like Dorcas, are following in his footsteps.

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