Get to Know Our Special Mothers: Mama Ingrid

Get to Know Our Special Mothers: Mama Ingrid

Special Mothers like Mama Ingrid help our home run smoothly.Have you ever wondered why we call the ladies who work in our homes Special Mothers?

They are special, and most are mothers, but there is something more to these women. It takes a very special person to care for someone else’s children as if they are your own, and that is what the Special Mothers do for our children. These very special women work alternating days, caring for our children. They are the ones who celebrate successes, kiss boo-boos, pray with our children, discipline our children, and hold them when painful memories are too much to handle. They stand in the gap between the biological families who aren’t able to care for these children and an uncertain future.

Meet Mama Ingrid Gutiérrez

Every other morning Mama Ingrid catches the 3:45 am bus from her home to make the 2 hour trip to Dorie’s Promise. She could do many other jobs much closer to home, but for the last 14 years, she’s dedicated herself to our children.

Walk into a room with Mama Ingrid and you’ll immediately feel loved and ready to have fun. She brings out the best in everyone by giving her best. We can’t imagine our home without her smile, laugh, and hugs. She’s a big part of what makes our home amazing.

When we talked about Dorie’s Promise, I was overwhelmed by her love and dedication to our children. Working here is not just a job to her, it’s her life’s purpose. Not only does she see the potential in each of our kids but she also encourages them every day in unique ways. She knows each child, their dreams, and who they want to become. For example, she knows Lester sometimes doubts himself and has struggled, but she also sees the process he’s made. So when she says he can be whatever he wants if works hard, she’s not lying.

Mama Ingrid is also know as Mama Titi.Mama Ingrid loves what she does and it shows. She blesses everyone with love and the most heartfelt encouragement.

In a busy home with 40 children, the idea of having fun while going through your day might seem difficult, but not for Mama Ingrid. Even mundane daily tasks seem more fun with her because her joy radiates to others. Her faith and encouragement are contagious.

Each child enters our home after some kind of traumatic event. Tenderly helping our kids manage their stories and heal often occurs during the normal moments of their days and Mama Ingrid is the best at encouraging them in those moments. She understands how important it is for our kids to have adults in their lives who show them what unconditional love and safety feel like. They know she isn’t going anywhere and no matter how bad their day is, she’ll still love them and be ready to play soccer again the next day.

Her heart even extends to children outside of our home. During one trip to family court, she noticed a boy sitting alone crying. Knowing he needed someone, she sat down beside him and began a conversation. He had already been to several other orphanages outside the city and now it seemed he was headed somewhere else. The idea of starting over again was too much and he was overwhelmed with sadness and some anger.

Mama Titi and Nayeli at Dorie's Promise.Moises couldn’t understand why he had to move again. Imagine being that boy, all he really wants a home and family to love him, but instead, he’s moving again. As he shared, Mama Ingrid listened and comforted him. In the middle of the family court, she prayed with Moises, asking God to comfort for him. She and Moises walked out of family court together that day. Unknown to either of them when their conversation began, Moises was being transferred into the care of Dorie’s Promise.

Mama Ingrid gives her best to our children every day, loving them unconditionally and pushing them to dream about their futures. She helps them heal from their past and believe in themselves as children who are loved and designed for greatness.

We are thankful beyond words for Mama Ingrid’s dedication to our children for the last 14 years! Without faithful staff members like Ingrid, our home would not be the same and our children would not receive the overwhelming love they need.

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