Get to Know Marta

Get to Know Marta

Marta is sweet, funny, caring, and so quiet you might miss her in a crowd. Unlike a few of our other kids who are sweet, funny, caring, and not quiet, Marta’s a kid who happily fades into the group. She enjoys being with our kids and with visitors, but she never tries to be the center of attention. Most often, she prefers to be the one caring for others.

Marta’s Life before Dorie’s Promise

With help from the family court, we know quite a bit about Marta’s life. She’s been in care since she was very young. As is unfortunately common, she’s spent time in several foster homes and larger orphanages during her childhood. Although being in care for so long is not ideal, we do have the benefit of her case history to help us understand how to best care for her now.

One of the biggest complications with Marta’s story is her family history. We know nothing about her biological family. Without a family history, there are lots of unanswered questions about her medical history and personal story. As she gets older and begins to ask more questions, we may never be able to give her these answers.

According to what we do know, Marta suffered seizures before coming to Dorie’s Promise. This type of condition is certainly cause for concern and we were made aware before her placement. Thankfully, doctors diagnosed her condition and started successful treatments before any serious injuries occurred. During her time under Doc Castro’s care, Marta hasn’t suffered any additional seizures.

Marta’s Life Today

Like all of our children, a family court judge requested Marta’s placement in our home. For the last 3 years, she’s been part of our family. We feel as though Dorie’s Promise gives Marta access to the medical care she needs and more importantly, the family stability she craves. Hopefully, we’re the last place Marta lives before she’s united with an adoptive family.

In our home, Marta plays the role of doting big sister. Luckily, she has several little girls who love her attention. You can find her leading silly games, making crafts, and creating crazy hairstyles with the preschoolers. Quite often, she volunteers to help our Special Mothers take care of the little girls, helping with their meals and getting them ready. At school time, she opts for cool but not quite so crazy hairstyles.

Marta has a special way of connecting with everyone in our home. The family connection she missed early in her childhood is being built with us. For as much as loves others, we’re thankful she receives love and has deep connections with Merary and Mama Lorena. Love, friendship, and support from Mama Lorena helps fulfill a deep longing in Marta’s life. We can never replace her biological family, but we can love her and give our best to her. Mama Lorena is a great example of love.

Looking ahead, Marta’s future

Currently, Marta is in the fourth grade with Alex and Marco. Together, they make a great team at school. Although she tries to adapt to virtual classes and distance learning, Marta misses being at school and spending time with her friends and teachers. We’re hopeful when the new school year begins in January, Marta will be able to see her school friends again.

Marta is a very sweet and creative girl. Although she is very strong for someone her age, we know she would love to have a great adoptive family. Until that time, we’re thankful she’s part of our family. We continue to pray for God’s direction in her life.

As the court searches for a potential adoptive family, please pray for Marta and the family she may one day be united with. Until an adoptive family is found, consider becoming part of Marta’s monthly sponsor family. She needs the love and support of people who believe in her.

Favorite memories from our staff

“One day, Marta made a train with recycled materials for the little girls. They really liked the gift Marta gave them and played with it all day.”

“Another day, along with the Special Moms, they dressed up the girls and put on a show. Marta has a lot of creativity and imagination!”

You can help Marta and get more updates, photos, and pictures. Become a monthly sponsor today and help us grow Marta’s sponsor family!

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