Gaining Perspective: Sara’s Story

Gaining Perspective: Sara’s Story

People find their way to Dorie’s Promise through a variety of paths, but most frequently they find us and visit our home because of our passionate supporters. Last February, Sara Keller visited our home for the first time thanks to longtime supporter Ken Perry.

Building connections

For many years, Ken and Mindy Perry, along with their family, have been some of our most faithful supporters, sharing about our work with friends and consistently bringing new visitors to our home. In addition to their family and friends, Ken also encourages his many business associates to learn more about Dorie’s Promise and join him each year.

As a business associate of Ken, Sara heard his stories and was intrigued. Originally, she planned to participate in one of Ken’s teams but the timing didn’t work. Instead, Ken connected Sara with another long-time trip leader, Lisa Ackerman. Consequently, Sara joined 11 other women for her first trip to Guatemala in February.

Making time to help

For many years, Sara has longed to help more people and give back in a meaningful way. She’s already active locally in the Portland area with several organizations, but her heart for helping extends beyond her local community. As a single mother who was also building a career, taking time away for an international service trip wasn’t possible. After many years of waiting, this was Sara’s year to get away and give back.

Helping people was Sara’s favorite part of her week in Guatemala. “I help people every day in my job BUT this was so different. I got to make a difference in a family’s life that seemed to have such a large impact.” 

During her visit, Sara’s team worked with three different families. They built new kitchens for each family, assembled new stoves, and delivered bunk beds. Sara had the opportunity to work side-by-side with her team and the family she was helping. “The family I worked with had a single Mom and being able to help change her living situation was an incredible feeling.”

Not only was Sara able to see the impact of her work, but she was also able to connect with the family in a special way. Being single mothers, Sara and the mother she helped shared a unique understanding of sacrifice and dedication. We’re thankful God allowed Sara to be part of this team and inspire a mother who needed encouragement.

Gaining perspective

“Perspective – we all lose it.  I came home and marveled at how much space we have… I’m so blessed to have been born where I was, how is it that I got put here?  And what can I do with the opportunities that God gives me to help others.”

Witnessing Guatemala’s poverty had a surprising effect on Sara. Instead of being overwhelmed and confused, she was inspired to dig deeper and do more. She saw the resilience and thankfulness of the families she helped and was determined to do even more at home.

We’re pretty sure we’ll see Sara again at Dorie’s Promise and even more excited to hear how our home helped her become more confident in her mission at home as well. Perspective. Occasionally we all need to be reminded how many opportunities exist for us to make a difference in the world. Thanks Sara for sharing your story. We can’t wait to see you again in Guatemala.

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