Fun Updates from our July 2021 Birthday Kids

Fun Updates from our July 2021 Birthday Kids

In July, we celebrated the birthdays of Emanuel and Josue with another big backyard birthday party. Here are some fun updates from the boys.

🎂 Emanuel

Emanuel at Dorie's PromiseWhat success is he most proud to share with others? Emanuel is very happy to share how much he has improved with his speech therapy this year. (His confidence is growing as well.)

What does he like to do for fun at home? His favorite activities have always been arts and crafts. Now, he focuses mainly on drawing and painting.

What is his favorite thing about living at Dorie’s Promise? He loves being with lots of people. Living with the other boys and girls means he has lots of friends to play with. Plus, he knows there are problem who love and support him and his brother Omar.

From our staff, what does Emanuel do that makes you proud of him? Emanuel is a very intelligent boy, but also very considerate. He is always helpful and respectful with the Special Mothers and teachers.

🎂 Josue

Josue at Dorie's PromiseWhat is his favorite activity in school so far this year? He likes projects that involve using his imagination and getting his hands dirty with paint, slime, or mud.

What successes is he enjoying this year in school? Both his reading and writing have improved significantly already this year. We can’t wait to see how much progress he will make before the end of the school year.

What does he want to be when he grows up? Josue would like to be a policeman when he grows up because he likes helping people.

From our staff, what does Josue do that makes you laugh? He is a very curious and witty boy which makes him amazing at coming up with pranks to pull on our staff and the other kids. He loves to make everyone laugh and smile.

Happy birthday Emanuel and Josue!

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