From Fear to Smiles


By Pablo Villigran-
When two-year-old Jose Pablo Monterroso came to Dorie’s Promise in May of 2011, his fear and nervousness showed through timidity that sometimes led to an outburst of tears.
Jose wound up at our home because of a judge’s order. The facility where the court originally wanted to send him was full.
Since Jose’s arrival, the court has placed advertisements in Guatemalan newspapers, hoping to find relatives willing to care for Jose. While we aren’t certain how long he will be with us, we are committed to offering him the best possible care during his stay.
Miriam Morales, the Special Mother who watches Jose most closely, has observed a lot of changes since he came to our home. Initially, she says, the infant expressed himself by using words that only the Special Mothers could understand because they spent so much time with him.
“At first, he used to cry but now he has overcome that fear, thanks to the love that the mission groups have shown,” she says. “I think another reason he has overcome his fear is because Jose sees people coming more often to carry him around and play with him.”
Jose loves to play, especially around the ramp outside. Miriam says he has a special way of playing.
He picks up the smallest things he can find, such as seeds or breadcrumbs, then brings them to her and places them in her hand.
Miriam says she lets him do that because it is a good way for Jose to learn how to pick up things. However, she has to keep a close eye on him because sometimes he tries to eat the items.
Jose is a strong baby with sturdy legs, the Special Mother says. She notes that during the last wave of illness at the home, he was the only baby who did not get sick.

He also seeks plenty of attention. Jose wants to be the first for everything, such as when the Special Mothers feed or dress the infants.
“He acknowledges me, too,” says Miriam, obviously very touched. “When I go downstairs he immediately looks at me with his beautiful eyes. Sometimes he starts throwing me kisses. Pablo is not a child who likes to give hugs but he definitely perceives the love that I feel for him.”
Jose is one of the children at Dorie’s Promise who needs additional monthly sponsors, since he is only at 52 percent of full support.
Sponsors are vital to each child’s well-being. They have provided Jose with health care, medications, spiritual development, a home, food and education.
Sponsorship is a commitment. We don’t just ask that you send a check for $35 each month, but that you pray for your child, exchange notes with him or her, and get more involved in the orphan’s life.
If helping a child like Jose enjoy the promise of healthy development and future happiness appeals to you, contact us today.

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