First Steps towards the Future

First Steps towards the Future

Call us extravagant, but we celebrate BIG when our kids reach milestones. Last month, Myra and Aracely finished their general school studies. Our girls are ready to take their first steps towards the future. Their hard work called for a party, with the girls serving as our guests of honor. We are incredibly proud of them.

First Steps towards the Future blog by FCI

Looking towards the new school year

For Myra and Aracely, this transition is like completing high school and starting community college. Diversificado, their next level of classes, allows them to choose a major and start focusing on those classes. Over the next three years, the girls will study their chosen field broadly and participate in internships. Brayan participates in a similar culinary program currently and works part-time at a local restaurant. We’re excited to experience three years of diving into the girls’ passions as they start to identify their
future calling.


When asked, Myra has always said she wanted to be a doctor, never wavering. I often wonder what she was like a little girl. Did she fill her moments pretending to care for dolls, bandaging up imaginary boo-boos and broken bones? Obviously, this dream is something she’s been chasing for a long time. Now, she has the opportunity to start taking the first steps towards her dream.

Myra will be studying medicine in diversificado. Her classes promote a broad education of general medicine, give practical knowledge, and expose her to the many possibilities available at the next level. We’re curious to learn along with Myra and see which specializations she enjoys the most, as well as which ones she doesn’t enjoy. For sure, she’ll be drawn to helping people in deeply connected ways. Myra has a confident, loving soul.

Becoming a doctor requires long-term dedication. Together, we’re working towards her goal. Doc Castro and Mirna, our nurse, have offered to mentor Myra during her studies. Myra now assists them in our clinic. Under their careful supervision, she’s getting hands-on application of her classes. Doc’s compassionate nature profoundly impacted Myra when she first arrived at Dorie’s Promise. Working beside him allows her to learn from him and understand how to incorporate compassion into care. After completing diversificado, Myra will continue her studies at a university.


Being the oldest of 4 siblings at Dorie’s Promise, Aracely has always been a leader, albeit a
quiet leader at times. Her maturity allowed her to create deep connections with many of the staff and frequent visitors as well.

This year, Aracely will begin studying both culinary arts and tourism in diversificado. Although different, both areas of study fit Aracely well. She thrives on helping others and enjoys interacting with new people. Missions team members often remark about her welcoming andhelpful spirit. At the same time, she is willing to work hard.
Caring for children who cannot be with their biological families is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We often worry if our efforts are enough to help them overcome the pain of losing their families.

Recently, Aracely shared with our director, “when [my siblings and I] came here many years ago I was afraid and I suffered because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I understand now that God had this prepared for me and my siblings. Staying with my mom, I had never imagined I could get so far. If I continue studying I can be a professional and that is just so unreal for me.” We know Aracely misses her family, but we’re grateful she can find hope in the opportunities she has ahead.

Over the next three years, Aracely will have plenty of opportunities to practice her skills. Along with her part-time job at the local bakery, she will also continue helping our missions teams and staff chef as her schedule allows. After completing diversificado, Aracely can choose to continue with college or work as either a sous chef or tour guide.

First steps towards the future

We’re so proud of Myra and Aracely. Watching them mature into confident, hard-working young women encourages us on a daily basis. We believe the future of Guatemala is good as we watch them study hard and dream about a future helping people. Seeing Myra and Aracely be successful gives hope to all the children in our home, especially the little girls who look up to them.

Myra and Aracely—we’re proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next.

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