Farewell Omar and Emmanuel

Farewell Omar and Emmanuel

After six years with us at Dorie’s Promise, brothers Omar and Emanuel have been reunited with their family. Our Special Mothers, children, and staff miss them very much, but we are delighted to know they are once again with their mother, grandmother, and older brother.

Leaving Dorie’s Promise

After a series of court hearings and legal procedures, Omar and Emanuel’s older brother was granted custody of Omar and Emanuel. Their brother has worked hard to find a good job and create a home for his little brothers. As a bonus, their mother and grandmother will be living with them as well. We’re proud of this young man’s effort and dedication on behalf of his family. You could tell by their smiles, that this is what the boys hoped and dreamed for–going home with their family.

Because of their brother’s preparation, they were able to go home immediately after their court hearing. Over the course of a few hours, we helped the boys gather their belongings and say goodbye to everyone at Dorie’s Promise.

We can only imagine the rush of emotions they felt. Based on their big smiles, going home was a dream come true even if leaving was hard.

Six years at Dorie’s Promise

For a child, six years is a long time. For the last six years, Omar and Emanuel were a big part of our Dorie’s Promise family.

We can still remember them as little boys, so happy and bright. Looking back at old photos, we see them smiling, playing with the other boys, helping around the house, and showing brotherly love to each other. Omar was quiet and peaceful while Emanuel was playful and cheerful.

Our staff describes Omar and Emanuel as loving and good-natured boys, always helpful, caring, and fun. They were kind to each other and everyone else. Of course they were also very enthusiastic about walks around the neighborhood and playing video games with the other boys. Our Special Mothers think of them affectionately and simply say, “son buenos niños” (they’re good boys).

Our love goes with them

It is always bittersweet to part ways with our children because we become attached and love them deeply. But we understand that our calling is providing a safe and loving environment when they need it most. We fill a gap.

Thank you for being part of Omar and Emanuel’s journey. Their years at Dorie’s Promise will surely leave their mark on their hearts and ours. Most importantly, Omar and Emanuel know that God is with them always and our love goes with them wherever they go.

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