Family Update: The Fajardo Gómez Family

Family Update: The Fajardo Gómez Family

Each week, our teams serve families throughout Guatemala. Their stories vary, but each family shares a common bond of struggle. Although they may face differing hardships, they need help to provide the basic necessities to their families. The Fajardo Gómez family was helped last year.

Meeting the Fajardo Gómez family

Meeting the Fajardo Gómez family, pictured Concepción Fajardo GómezOur Community Project Director, Bertha, met this hardworking young family in early 2018. Just over an hour outside Guatemala City, they live in the community of San Miguel Conacaste in the Narae municipality. Approximately 40% of the families in this community face extreme poverty due to a lack of good paying jobs.

Julio and Concepción, both 33, are the proud parents of 3 children. Rosa (13), Carlos (9), and Evelyn (4) are energetic kids who enjoyed spending time with our team. Although they struggle financially, education is important in this family and all 3 children are currently in school. Evelyn is now in kindergarten and enjoys being a big kid like her siblings. Julio and Concepción are hoping to give their children more opportunities as adults.

Julio and Concepción are hard working parents who rely on local farms for their income. As farm workers, they work long hours in harsh conditions for very low wages. Julio works full-time (11 hours a day), but Concepción is only able to work partial days and she earns 50 quetzals each day, approximately $7. Providing anything beyond basic needs is out of reach for this family.

Dorie’s Promise Steps in to Help

The families home in San Miguel Conacaste.Bertha knew that any help we could give would make a significant difference in this family’s life. Their home was constructed from recycled materials, had a dirt floor, and flooded frequently during the rainy season (pictured right.)

In less than a week, our visiting team, along with local laborers and the family built a new home on the property (pictured below.) Their new home is safer, cleaner, and more stable for the family. They no longer fight the weather because the home is built from sheet metal with a concrete floor. In addition, they received a new bunk bed for the kids, a water filter, and groceries.

Receiving a new home helped more than just the Fajardo Gómez family. Their neighbors who also work hard but struggle to survive have a new sense of hope. They once again believe in the willingness of others to help. This community is coming together to find assistance for even more people.

We’re excited to help even more families this year because we know small changes make huge differences in the lives of people in Guatemala.

The New Home for the Fajardo Gómez family

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