Family First in 2023

Family First in 2023

Ah, 2023—a rollercoaster of surprises, triumphs, and sheer joy! Our family’s favorite moments are too vast to list every single one. But that’s the beauty of it—a giant family means constant companionship through both the highs and the unknown twists life throws at us. Let’s dive into a snippet of our 2023 and what lit up our children’s worlds.

Having Fun Always Comes First

First things first—playtime. It’s the heartbeat of our household. Whether they’re tiny tots or seasoned pros, sports enthusiasts or creative souls, our kids thrive on shared activities. Soccer reigns supreme, with impromptu goals made from bins or floor markings, echoing with triumphant “GOAL” shouts. Then there are the Lego architects, puzzle maestros, budding artists—each diving headfirst into a world of imagination!

(We hope to have our backyard fixed within the next few months.)

New Passions

Discoveries were the name of the game this year. Ashley found her groove in dance, Nayeli tinkered away at piano keys, and Mónica whipped up a storm in the kitchen. It’s a testament to our kids’ diverse abilities and passions. Case in point? ISEA’s show-stopping performance in “The Jungle Book.” Lines rehearsed, talents showcased—a truly magical spectacle!

Family First!

But what really set hearts aglow were those moments of camaraderie. New faces at school or summer courses sparked joy. And within our walls, as Dulce joined the ‘big girls’ club,’ Maria and Merari took her under their wing, igniting laughter. And let’s not forget Ana, stepping up as the caring soul for the adorable baby Leo! These shared moments, full of emotion, carved a special place in our family’s collective heart.

Milestones? We had a few! Abraham’s elementary school triumph and Ana’s high school graduation—what proud moments for our family! Growth is in our DNA, and seeing our kids thrive is our greatest joy.

Our home is a canvas of possibilities. One day, they’re sports champs, the next, artistic geniuses. The only certainty? Every day brings something new and exciting. Here’s to 2024—may it gift us more beautiful moments to shower love on everyone, because, honestly, that’s what truly matters in our daily adventures!

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