Experience Transformation

Experience Transformation

Encouraging transformation is one of our primary goals at Dorie’s Promise. Not only do we strive to transform the lives of our children, but we also hope to transform the lives of those who visit our home.

Attempting to transform the lives of people is hard work, and it would be really easy for us to fail. In fact, we aren’t always successful. But, the rewards of seeing children learn to love, trust, and believe in themselves is worth years of work. Watching someone understand that poverty really looks like families who work day after day just to survive without hope of change is priceless.

Connecting with our children and families in our local communities changes the way visitors see the world.

We’re humbled by the opportunity to help transform lives at Dorie’s Promise.

Transformation in our home

Preserve. Care. Transform.

Children receive new pajamas at Dorie's Promise.

Through missions, we help preserve families who are facing a crisis. By partnering government orphanages, we help them care for orphaned and abandoned children.

In our home, we have the opportunity to transform the lives of children.

Imagine some of the most heartbreaking circumstances a child could experience. Those are the types of situations our children experienced before coming to Dorie’s Promise. Some were abused and abandoned. Others have been orphaned after their parents died. We have received emergency placements in the middle of the night and watched older siblings bravely walk into our home while clung tightly to their younger siblings.

Transformation is a slow process, full of challenges and small successes. Every single day, our faithful staff does the slow work of supporting and encouraging our children to heal. Our staff helps them process their pain and grieve the loss of their families. Over time, they have the privilege of seeing our kids become confident and start dreaming of the future.

Our mission is to transform the lives of our children and raise the next generation of Guatemalan leaders.

Be Transformed by Dorie’s Promise

Many people come to Dorie’s Promise with the intention of blessing the Guatemalan people. We know the truth—they will be blessed as much or more than those they serve. Not only do we have the privilege of transforming the lives of our children, but we also have the gift of being a small part of the transformation of those who visit our home.

Mission at Dorie's Promise

Although we try to share the reality of Guatemala with you in stories like this one, our words can never do justice to the experiences of our visitors.

After spending a week in our home, working side-by-side with local families, and hearing stories about the reality faced by Guatemalan families, our visitors are changed. They can’t unsee the people sorting trash at the dump while vultures circle overhead. The stories of children who can’t attend school because their parents can’t afford school supplies aren’t forgotten when the Back-to-School sales are advertised. Experiences are worth more than words.

If our visitors return home unchanged, we haven’t done our job well. We want to share the reality of life in Guatemala with everyone who enters our home. You need to understand life in Guatemala from those who live here. We need you to become connected to the children at Dorie’s Promise and the Guatemalan people because transformed people help others do the same.

We want you to be transformed, to gain a better understanding of your purpose, to help tell our story, and to find the way you were meant to help others.

Experience Transformation

Be transformed. Help us transform the lives of children at Dorie’s Promise. We invite you to experience transformation by visiting Dorie’s Promise, connecting with our children and staff, and visiting our local communities. What you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears will change your life.

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