EXCITING NEWS! Myra Earns Scholarship

EXCITING NEWS! Myra Earns Scholarship

Myra’s dream of studying medicine is coming true.

“Many years ago, I lost my mom due to cancer and I remember that when I found out she was sick I wanted to do something else for her. When I lost her, I promised myself that I wanted to be a doctor to help people to save their lives, so they can be physically and emotionally healthy.”

Myra Earns Scholarship

After learning of Myra’s desire to study medicine, a donor connected us with a foundation whose scholarships are designated for medical students. With help from our staff, Myra compiled the necessary information and wrote a letter to the foundation explaining her educational goals and her desire to honor her mother through her studies.

Myra received a full scholarship for her first year of college.

“I am happy because I have the opportunity to follow my dream and so far, I am enjoying each one of my assignments and excited to continue learning so one day I can help people.”

Like Myra, each of our children have a dream for who they will become in the future. When you give the gift of education, you help each child take a step toward their dream.

Give today and help a child at Dorie’s Promise pursue their educational dreams.

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