Exciting Changes for the New School Year

Exciting Changes for the New School Year

We may lack big yellow buses at Dorie’s Promise, but school will be an exciting adventure for both staff and kids this year. Two weeks ago, students enrolled in our local schools logged in for a new year of virtual classes. Next week, we begin a new year of homeschool at Dorie’s Promise.

3 Schools, 1 University, and Culinary School

Preschool education at Dorie's Promise in Guatemala.

Until schools switched to online formats, Abel and Oscar spent hours every day driving kids across Guatemala City between multiple public, private, and specialized schools. Early morning drop-off started before 7 am and afternoon pick-up stretched into mid-afternoon.

Having everyone home for the last two years allowed us to reevaluate. Some children did well with online learning. Losing their connection with classmates caused others to struggle. Surprisingly, a portion of our children did better at home because of smaller class sizes, reduced distractions, and connection with our teachers.

In 2021, our homeschool program began with fourteen children and four teachers. This year, seventeen children will participate in our homeschool program.

Meanwhile, nine preschoolers and kindergarteners attend classes virtually through our public school and eight children continue studies through a local bilingual school. As we shared a few months ago, Myra began medical classes at a private university and Aracely is enrolled in professional culinary classes.

Expanding Homeschool Opportunities

Visitors to Dorie’s Promise last year noticed many changes. Fourth and fifth-graders claimed the missions house dining room as their classroom while our two seventh-graders set up in the mission leaders’ office. Everyone else found space in our existing classrooms, the playroom, and our administrative office.

Physical education at Dorie's Promise.

In 2022, homeschool at Dorie’s Promise is expanding in both the number of students and activities. With more staff members involved each day, homeschool will more closely resemble a traditional school this year.

Physical education, art, and music are coming to our homeschool program. Last fall, our part-time psychologist became a second full-time staff member. In addition to being a much-needed resource for our boys, Javier will also coordinate daily exercise and activities for our kids. Rodrigo, our newest staff member brings a love for spiritual growth and the arts to our children. Several days each week he will incorporate bible study, music, and art into the children’s daily routines.

More children also means our teaching staff must grow. Our part-time Special Needs tutor will be joining us full-time this year. Plus, we’re adding a teacher to help our toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Our teaching staff is growing to 5 this year and incorporating other staff members into our school day.

Exciting Changes for the New School Year

Ulices studying at Dorie's Promise, black and white photo.

We are excited about the new school year. Our teaching staff spent months considering improvements. Their classrooms will be engaging. Their new schedules give our kids opportunities to learn new skills and have fun during their day. Most importantly, more staff members are using their gifts to invest in our children’s education.  

Our kids are excited about the new schedule. Our staff is excited. 2022 is going to be a great year for education at Dorie’s Promise.

You can support our expanded homeschool program and the work of our teaching staff. Consider giving a special gift or becoming an education partner at Dorie’s Promise with a recurring donation today.

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