Education That Brings Hope

Education That Brings Hope

A lot of time is dedicated to help the children of Dorie's Promise with their education.In my work around the world, I have found that there are two things that can change the course of a child’s life …

The first: helping that child come to know and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I am always amazed to watch this take place in an orphaned child’s life. They have a unique understanding of forgiveness and salvation. Sometimes their acceptance happens quickly … other times it happens over years of discipleship.

The second: teaching that child, by way of education, how to think, act, and contribute to society — and it’s always combined with helping them dream and hope for a better future. When children begin their education, and gain confidence in their ability to read, write, and speak, they begin to see the world differently.

These two things — salvation and education — are what we hope to give the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. 

Yes, we spend the better part of two decades clothing them, feeding them, and giving them shelter. But the day they step out on their own, we want them to be able to STAND on their own two feet and take on the world, really striving to become the person God created them to be in life.

This is my prayer for all the children in our care, but there is one girl who especially reminds me of these two priorities. Monica came to Dorie’s Promise in 2016. She arrived with her sister — they didn’t come with much. The more time we spent with them, the more we realized that Monica was severely behind in her studies.

Our psychologist began working with her and found Monica was having trouble with reading, writing, and math.

Despite her hard work, a lack of previous education had Monica struggling to keep up.Monica was working hard in school, but because her learning difficulties and lack of formal education prevented her from keeping up with the other kids.  She was frustrated. We were frustrated. Her self-esteem plunged.

By the middle of the school year, we found the perfect place for Monica: a private school with eight students per class. The education system is different there, and it is designed specifically for Monica. Although this school is more expensive than the typical schools in the area, for Monica it is the perfect option. In fact, we also send Silvia, Alejandra, and Lester to this school for their own needs!

Monica has been at her new school for a year now. Her self-esteem has bounced back! She is confident and seeing great results in fourth grade! 

Because we value education for all our children at Dorie’s Promise, we work diligently to make sure they get the right training at home with our onsite teacher and that they attend schools that match their intellectual and spiritual needs.

Studying at Dorie's PromiseI want to ask you to join me in this work of making sure that every Dorie’s Promise child has the right opportunities to learn and grow through education.

You have a heart and passion for the children in our care in Guatemala. Time and time again, your support, visits, and prayers have kept Dorie’s Promise going.

Today, I ask you to consider a special gift for our education fund. When you do, you will be helping make sure the children in our care get the best possible educational opportunities they can receive. As I always say about Dorie’s Promise, “We want to make this a home that is just like your home with all the things you would give your own children.” Click to give now.

Thank you again for your heart and passion to serve the lost and forgotten children in Guatemala.

Your gift, no matter the size, will be a tremendous blessing to the children of Dorie’s Promise. Thank you!

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