Education for A Better Future

For so many children in Guatemala, a future of unlimited possibilities and dreams fulfilled will never become their reality. When you are trying to survive with your family on the streets, school does not become a priority — finding your next meal does.

The children of Dorie’s Promise were once children without hope. They came from living within the garbage dump … the streets … from shacks in the ghettos. However, through God’s grace and love, they are now a part of our family!

It is our goal to see that we give our children every opportunity to see their personal dreams come true!

We currently have 37 children in our care. Until this year, we have always had all of our children enrolled in public school. The public schools in Guatemala have up to 40 children per classroom. The education they are receiving is below average. The teachers are unprepared to handle such large classrooms with little to no resources.

My dream … my prayer … is that every child at Dorie’s Promise has the opportunity to attend El Shaddai and that those who struggle academically will be able to get a similar education at other private schools specializing in helping children with special needs.

An education at El Shaddai means better curriculum, prepared teachers, positive influences, spiritual guidance, extra-curricular activities, and opportunities to experience “regular life” outside of the orphanage. Going to El Shaddai means a better future. It means hope for our amazing children.

The total cost for all 18 children to attend private school for the 2013 school year is $27,000. So far we have commitments of $9,000. That covers the cost of only six of our children.

So we need to raise $18,000 in order for 12 more children to have the opportunity to receive the education they need and deserve this coming January!

Please help us raise $18,000 before December 31, 2012, so that our children can be given the gift of a private education this Christmas. Write "Education fund" in the comments when giving online.

UPDATE – December 4th: Thanks to some generous giving, we now need to raise $14,700.

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