Dream with Us in 2019

Dream with Us in 2019

We believe God calls us to care for Guatemala’s forgotten children, the ones who need someone to love them, protect them, and believe in their potential. While in our home, children become our family and have space and support as they heal from past traumas and dream of the future. Just like our children, we have big dreams too. Will you dream with us in 2019?

All dreams begin small

2018 Group shot of the children of Dorie's Promise.Almost three decades ago Heather Radu took a small, unknowing step towards our dreams, walking into an orphanage for the first time and realizing she would never be the same. Nearly two decades ago, she stepped into Guatemala for the first time with an idea about how she might be able to help children.

All dreams begin small. Heather’s trip to Guatemala became a home where children in need of families would be matched with those seeking to adopt. Our staff tenderly balanced the sadness and grief of lost connections and families with the excitement and expectancy of new beginnings and futures. Perhaps, those years were preparing us for our next phase.

Preserve. Care. Transform.

Although our role in caring for children during the adoption process was valuable, we were always just a temporary stop on each child’s journey. If you had visited our home during those years when everything was abuzz with babies and toddlers, you’d think our dream was fulfilled. We probably would have agreed, that Heather’s dream of creating a home where orphaned and abandoned children were loved and received individual care had come to life.

We didn’t understand the next step in our much bigger dream. After international adoptions closed, the depth of our dream expanded. No longer a temporary stop, our home transformed into a place where we would pour into children and guide them towards adulthood. Our gifts reach beyond our walls, into families and communities who need support and encouragement, and across borders to reach people like you who care about the well-being of others.

The Dorie’s Promise redemptive story emerged: We help preserve families facing a crisis, offer assistance to care for children in other orphanages, and transform the lives of children in our home.

Your support allows us to live out our purpose—transforming the lives of children at Dorie’s Promise.

Our big dream in 2019

Some of the older boys at Dorie's Promise Guatemala.Although we’ve shared our big dream before, it’s usually in hushed tones. We hold it closely because it feels so fragile to lay before you. The time has come to ask you to dream with us in 2019.

We want to double the number of children in our care, expanding from 40 children in 2 homes to 80 children in 4 homes. We dream of creating a place where children transition into adulthood with support.

This can be the year we take the next huge step in achieving our dream. Every person on our staff shares a vision for welcoming more children who need a place to heal and thrive. We know many more children would flourish if they received healthcare, counseling, a great education, and the security of a loving home.

To expand, we need a community who shares our dream and partners with us to make them a reality. Quite simply, we to be fully funded by monthly donors. Right now, our monthly sponsorship hovers around 63%, meaning the special gifts we receive are used for operating expenses instead of expansion.

Dream with us in 2019

Help us reach our dreams in 2019.We know many of you are already monthly sponsors. You came to Dorie’s Promise, met our awesome children and committed to helping us care for them. Some of you have been impacted by the stories of others and had the opportunity to see their passion and change. We appreciate your support!

Help us share our dream and grow our community in 2019.

If you’re not a sponsor, will you consider sponsoring one of our children this year? Visit our sponsorship page and learn more about kids. We promise you won’t regret helping our kids.

If you already sponsor, can you share about our kids and help build our community? If each of our current sponsors connected one more person with our home, we’d easily make our dream come true. Who can you connect with the mission of Dorie’s Promise?

Let’s make 2019 the year our dream comes true!

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