Double the Fun! Yennifer and Evelyn

Double the Fun! Yennifer and Evelyn

What happens when you add two preschool girls within a few weeks—DOUBLE THE FUN! We’re excited to welcome Yennifer and Evelyn to Dorie’s Promise.


Yennifer is a very outgoing 4-year-old girl who loves spending time painting princesses and playing. For her, any activity that involves movement, jumping, and dancing is a lot of fun. She enjoys children’s songs a lot, but in reality, she likes any kind of music.

Her outgoing personality helped her integrate well with the other children as she collaborates very well in activities with them. Additionally, she communicates very effectively and uses her words to indicate what she wants or needs. She tries to be very clear in her communication.

With her Special Mothers, she is a very affectionate child who likes to show her appreciation for the people around her with hugs, smiles, and lots of love. For example, she often makes drawings and then gives them to her Special Mothers as gifts.

She has adapted very well to the home dynamics and living with our other children, especially those of her own age.


Evelyn joined us more recently and the Special Mothers are still getting to know her.

During her initial transition, she spent most of her time with Mama Evelyn. They have a special connection with their twin names. It was more difficult for her to adapt to the home because she was more reserved with the Special Mothers and other children.

Evelyn’s personality is more introverted than Yennifer, but she now participates more in activities. Something that helps her a lot is going for walks with Mama Evelyn and the older children. The older children welcomed Evelyn with great joy and open arms. She enjoys being outside with space to run and swinging at the park. At home, she prefers quieter activities like drawing pictures or playing with dolls.

She is quite agile for an almost 4-year-old and very curious. Evelyn is very observant, noticing things that most children don’t and always asking lots of questions to our Special Mothers.

Please pray for Yennifer and Evelyn during their transition to Dorie’s Promise and wisdom for everyone involved in their care and decisions regarding their court cases.

Your financial support for Forever Changed International allows us to provide a home for Yennifer and Evelyn. You can support Yennifer and Evelyn’s care today by Giving a Special Gift or Becoming a Monthly Sponsor.

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