Dorie’s Promise 2021 Medical Update

Dorie’s Promise 2021 Medical Update

We are pleased to share that our children at Dorie’s Promise are healthy and doing well. Given the many challenges we’ve faced in the last two years, being able to maintain a semblance of normalcy in our home is a huge success. Today, we’re sharing our Dorie’s Promise 2021 medical update.

COVID-19 in Guatemala

Doc Castro at Dorie's Promise under COVID precautions.

As you may recall, several of our children were sickened with COVID-19 in October 2020. Despite our best efforts, the virus quickly spread amongst thirteen of our children. Although we have placed our children in quarantine several times since last year after people in our community were exposed, we have avoided additional large outbreaks.

Like you, we are constantly adapting to keep our children healthy and practice preventative care.

Guatemala is steadily reopening and returning to more normal routines. Although masking requirements are still in effect, as are social distancing and reduced capacities, the strictest measures were removed. Our children have gone on outings again and a few of our volunteers have returned.

Vaccines are now available in most areas of Guatemala for both adults and children. Many municipalities offer clinics in villages for those interested.

Monitoring Those with Medical Conditions

As we’ve shared in the past, several of our children have chronic medical conditions that we monitor and manage.

In addition to their normal care, Doc has been monitoring Efrain, Dulce, Manuel, and Josue more closely during the last 2 years. Given their current medical needs, we want to identify changes and respond quickly.

Efrain is stable, neither improving nor declining. Our Special Mothers continue doing daily physical therapy exercises with him to maintain as much mobility as possible within his joints. Of all our children, he may be the most excited to have everyone home. He enjoys the energy of having other children home with him.

Dulce is continuing her Montessori-based lessons and is doing well. She is becoming increasingly independent and less frustrated. Meanwhile, Manuel and Josue are being monitored regularly as Doc gauges the appropriate timing for additional medical interventions to relieve their congenital conditions.

Strengthening Mental Health Services

Psychologist Javier is now full time at Dorie's Promise.

As more of our children enter adolescence and start making decisions about adulthood, we recognize the need to invest even more in mental health services. Additionally, having more help as they cope with the long-term effects of the pandemic restrictions is invaluable.

In the fall of 2021, our part-time psychologist Javier was hired as a full-time employee at Dorie’s Promise. He will be working with Ana Maria to care for our children’s mental well-being.

Javier’s importance to our boys became evident during the early months of the pandemic. As our children struggled with the abrupt shutdown, they often turned to Javier for help. Many times, we would see one of our boys walking around the backyard on the phone, talking with Javier. Even if he wasn’t at Dorie’s Promise, he was available for our boys.

As our children grow up, they need strong adults to guide them. Javier is a wonderful addition to our staff and we’re thankful to have him working with our boys full-time.

Overall, our children at Dorie’s Promise are doing well.

Generous gifts from our donors and monthly sponsors support the work of Doctor Castro, Ana Maria, and Javier. Would you consider giving a special gift today to strengthen our medical and mental health programs?

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