Dedicated to Education

By Pablo Villagran-

With the children in Guatemala on their annual school break, at Dorie’s Promise we are looking forward to the new academic year that starts in January. One reason is the improvements in our children’s grades during 2012, which prompted a celebration recently at Dorie’s Promise.

There are many factors behind this, starting with God’s help—not only in school subjects, but in health, socialization and other areas.

We can’t overlook the supernatural aspect of some kids doing unusually well in certain courses and others showing amazing progress with their learning abilities.

There is a human element, too, starting with the great job that our teacher, Claudia, and her assistant are doing. In addition to teaching preschoolers, Claudia supervises homework of older children and attends meetings with their teachers to get updates on their progress.

She has invested more time and effort to make sure they are doing well and completing their studies. Claudia also offers students incentives to make good grades, such as small gifts.

The teachers at the various schools our children attend also deserve a share of credit for giving them extra support.

The significance of these achievements? Many of our children are lacking an educational background when they arrive at the home. Here they are able to develop normally, with the education they receive helping them prepare for the future.

This groundwork starts early. This year’s preschool program for ages 4-5 included 10 kids. All showed admirable progress.

Claudia says they learned such things as social skills, how to internalize work routines and complete tasks, counting from 1 to 50 (including some numbers in English), and develop better comprehension and memory skills.

The teacher supervises a home school program for Mirna, too. A young teenager who lacked any education when she came to the home, in 2012 Mirna completed the first two grades and started grade three. She learned to read and write, add and subtract, and assimilate knowledge in other subjects, such as science and social studies.

Claudia has designed an occupational program for her as well, with Mirna acting as an assistant in our educational and reception areas, the kitchen and our health program.

“As coordinator of the educational program, I am very happy to see children doing so well,” Claudia says. “There are many accomplishments this year that make me feel so proud.

“I am happy to see them growing up and enjoying the progress they are making. I love it when they overcome a challenge like a dictation test, completing various tasks, getting recognition from their teachers, or growing in maturity and confidence.”

This kind of educational and personal growth helps boost their self-esteem and emotional well-being. Our children are inspired to get good grades and learn that they have worthwhile talents and gifts.

Such progress is worth telling others about. If you have friends or family members who have a heart for children, we invite you to share the story of Dorie’s Promise with them.

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