December 2021 Birthday Updates

December 2021 Birthday Updates

November came and went so fast we almost didn’t notice when December started. We didn’t have any November birthdays but in December we had two birthday kids! And believe it or not, they share the same birthdate! Isn’t that so crazy?

Here are the fun updates from our December birthday kids- Jennifer and Ulises.

🎂 Jennifer

Jennifer at Dorie's Promise.

What are some of her favorite activities? She loves to help everyone here at Dorie’s Promise. Whether it’s with our Special Mothers or with the little girls, Jennifer is always ready to be of service to someone. Lately, she has been doing crochet to have fun and creating all sorts of fantastic art pieces. 

What is she looking forward to? Jennifer turns 18 and even though she`s a little nervous, she`s pretty excited to take this giant step in her life. Next year, she will be graduating from diversificado (high school). She will then go to college where she wants to study architecture. She’s looking forward to an exciting year in school –  her last first day, her graduation jacket, and hopefully being able to see her friends at school.

What makes her happy? Jennifer is always deeply grateful for all the blessings God has given her to help others. She`s extremely happy whenever she gets to spend time home with all the girls. She`s always dancing to music and laughing at all the jokes and goofiness from the kids.

From our staff, how does Jennifer make you proud? Jennifer is so passionate about everything that she does. Whether it’s in school or learning a new skill, Jennifer is always trying to outdo herself and be better. She’s also a humble girl, full of God’s love, and her heart always shines through.

🎂 Ulices

Ulicies at Dorie's Promise

What are some of his favorite activities? He loves to play around with the other boys with their Legos. Ulices has such a bright mind and thinks of fun ideas for the boys to play. Whether it’s superheroes or Star Wars-related, he’s always up for some action. He also really enjoys helping our little boys. He’s such a good big brother for them. He`s always helping out the Special Mothers during snack time, at lunch, and cleaning.

What makes him happy? He loves to listen to music. Even though he’s always helping out and playing with the boys, he enjoys some quiet time to just sit for a while and listen to Christian music. He says it’s always the highlight of his day. He also enjoys simply spending time talking with the Special Mothers or being with everyone in the living room.

From our staff, how does Ulices make you laugh? Ulices is very funny. Everything he does, he does it with charm and charisma. He’s got a very special light and whenever he’s around you simply feel joyful and at peace. Even though he tries to be serious and a little quiet, he’s SO goofy. If you’re around him you’re in for a treat.

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