Cue the Confetti and Cheers

Cue the Confetti and Cheers

Our team at Forever Changed International is comprised of a few dedicated individuals who are passionate about the children of Dorie’s Promise. Given our small size and shared passion, we’re very much like family. As a family, we’re excited to share big news.

Over the summer, our own Charity Danielson got married. Cue the confetti and cheers! Words can’t fully describe how excited we are for her.

You probably recognize Charity as our Sponsorship Coordinator. She’s the person who oversees our child sponsorship program, answers questions for donors, and is head greeter for our website visitors. Her bubbly, helpful personality makes her perfect for the position. Not only is she committed to our children at Dorie’s Promise, but she also loves helping everyone around her, including our donors and other team members.

It’s time for us to celebrate Charity.

Over the last few years, we’ve watched as Charity’s already contagious joy for life grew even greater in new and exciting ways. It’s clear to us that she’s experiencing joy, happiness, and excitement more than we imagined. Part of starting her new season of life is a new home in a new city. Sadly for us, Charity will be stepping away from her duties as Sponsorship Coordinator on our team. Although we’re all excited for Charity as she starts her new life, we’re already missing her.  

Going forward, our Missions Coordinator, Naomi Beazely, will be assuming the duties of Sponsorship Coordinator as well. Since 2011, Naomi has been working alongside our team, most recently focusing on our short-term missions program. She has a unique connection to our children at Dorie’s Promise, our staff, and short-term missions teams. Now, she will also have an opportunity to connect even more deeply with our donors.

As we look ahead, we want to thank Charity for serving with us for the last 6 years. Her dedication, passion, and spirit helped shape who we are today. She isn’t afraid to do hard work, ask hard questions, or share passionately about our children. For each of those things, we are immensely grateful.  We know she will always be part of our team, even as she moves into a new season of life.

From all of us at Forever Changed International, we give our utmost thanks and encouragement to Charity. At the same time, we’re excited to see how Naomi builds on Charity’s legacy to achieve even greater opportunities for our children.

Reach out to Naomi to sponsor a child at Dorie’s Promise or learn more about visiting Dorie’s Promise.

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