COVID-19, An Early Assessment from Dorie’s Promise

COVID-19, An Early Assessment from Dorie’s Promise

Over the last week, we’ve confronted an unsettling reality—life feels like it’s both standing still and moving forward at the same time. Every day, our Special Mothers and teachers adjust our routines based on new information. Meanwhile, our administrative staff continues to evaluate what might be ahead without the benefit of definitive answers to some of our biggest questions.

It’s too soon for any of us to know if COVID-19 will make its way into our home or that of someone on our team. We’re taking precautions and no one is sick at this time, but we are still worried about our kids. Our director prepared for 30 days at home, but no one can tell us when lives might return to normal.

We’re fighting this pandemic just like you, making the best decisions we can with the information available.

Facing disappointment

Normally, we celebrate Lent and Holy Week in Guatemala with huge festivals and processions. People design and create intricate sawdust and floral carpets, known as alfrombras, to line the path for the Holy Week processions. Hundreds of thousands of people flood into Antigua to experience the celebration each year.

This year, Holy Week festivities are canceled. There will be no processions, the alfombras will not be created, and the floats will remain in storage. Instead, we will celebrate at home.

As our time at home continues, our kids are facing more disappointments too. Next week, Silvia turns 14 without the fun of celebrating with her school friends. The following week, Flor’s 15th birthday will be different than planned. Before the pandemic, we intended to transform our backyard into a beautiful party for Flor’s quinceañera, full of our Dorie’s Promise staff, their families, and friends from school.

Now, our guests are unable to visit, leaving us to rethink how to celebrate life’s special moments in the midst of a pandemic.

As always, our staff and kids will make the day special for both Silvia and Flor because they love each other. One lesson continues to guide us—being together is most important. We’re doing our best to celebrate the good things, even though so much is uncertain.

An early assessment from Dorie’s Promise

Right now, we’re healthy, safe, and stable at Dorie’s Promise. As weeks pass by, our leaders are beginning to evaluate the potential effects COVID-19 on our home. Calls are being made, schedules evaluated, and budgets reviewed. It’s still too soon to know the exact impact we’ll feel, but we’re positive there will be an impact.

Like you, we’re concerned about our finances in the coming months. We know many of you are facing financial struggles; there will be instances when you may not be able to help as you normally would. We’re also evaluating how a delayed or lighter mission season will impact us. Without mission teams, our cash flow will lessen until we can safely welcome teams back.

We’re facing the unknown too. As we get better information, we can make wise decisions. Our primary concern is keeping our children and staff healthy. At the same time, we’re focused on maintaining our home’s stability even in this time of uncertainty.

Your support makes all the difference. We appreciate those who have checked in and offered assistance. In the coming months when we know how COVID-19 will affect us financially, we’ll share ways you can help meet the needs at Dorie’s Promise. If you would like to help now, click here and your gift will help support our home during the fight against COVID-19.

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