Cooking Healthy Food For Our Children

Chef Ruth prepares food for a party.

By MJ Zelya –

Chef Ruth serving a meal at Dorie's Promise.An important part of every child’s health is nutrition and a balanced diet. At Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, we strive to help our children keep and reach good health based on the food pyramid and supported and supervised by our nutritionist and doctor, Dr. Castro.

Two people help make this possible — our Chef, Ruth, and her assistant, Mary. They always serve delicious food and snacks.

They also prepare the food for our mission trip visitors. In fact, the work they do is amazing — they cook anywhere from 40 to 70 dishes a day, plus healthy snacks and beverages.

Ruth says: I love my profession. It is a way I can show affection to the people I love. I know that the children love my food, and the most amazing experience here is seeing the new children in Dorie’s Promise look at their plate of food and see their smiles and faces light up. It’s priceless.

Some of the favorites include barbecue, baked potatoes, grilled chicken, and zucchini lasagna.

Mary helps prepare food in the kitchen.Mary remarks: I love these children — they are so special and they always put a smile on your face. I love the work I do for them, because through food we can demonstrate our love for them.

One leader from a mission team, Pastor Robert William of Community Baptist Church, shares his experience with our food: Let me tell you — the food is great! Breakfast and supper were wonderful … very good and high quality!

With God’s help, and through the support of our sponsors and mission teams, we are able to hire personnel who are committed to their work and faithful to cooking healthy food for our children. Consider helping us continue our work by becoming a Sponsor Today.

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