Come See What We’re Doing at Dorie’s Promise

Come See What We’re Doing at Dorie’s Promise

Every year hundreds of visitors join our weekly teams at Dorie’s Promise. In addition to caring for the children who live in our home, we’re committed to partnering with local communities to preserve families on the brink of crisis. By working with families, we help prevent even more children from entering orphanages in Guatemala. We believe strong families are the best choice for all children.

How our teams help

Come visit us in Guatemala.Our Community Project Coordinator works year-round to build relationships with communities and local organizations. Through these relationships, she identifies families with needs we can meet. These families are then matched with our teams and work together to make tangible differences to meet immediate needs within the home.

Many of our construction projects provide immediate relief to families on the brink of crisis. A new roof, concrete floor, or safe cooking stove removes a large financial and emotional burden from families who are struggling. Many of the families we serve work long hours for very low wages, forcing them to choose between safe shelter, ample food, and schooling for their children. No parent should ever have to choose between providing a safe home or food for their children.

By helping to relieve their burdens, we hope to also relieve some of the pressures within these families. Although our teams only serve a short time with each family, we partner with local organizations to provide ongoing connections and support to the families we serve. Our goal is to prevent the circumstances that cause families in poverty to separate.

Visit Dorie’s Promise

Visit Guatemala on a missions trip with Forever Changed International.As supporters of Dorie’s Promise, we welcome you to join us in Guatemala. You’ll never regret giving your time, energy, and love to our children and the communities we serve. We offer trips year round for individuals, families, and teams to serve in our home and around Guatemala.

Visit our new Mission Trip site to learn more about what to expect during a trip to Dorie’s Promise. Browse our new Trip FAQ page to get answers to your questions. Most importantly, check your calendar and look for dates to visit Dorie’s Promise and serve Guatemala’s forgotten children.

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