Celebrating Our Very Special Mothers

Celebrating Our Very Special Mothers

Special Mother:

1) a selfless, caring woman who chooses to give her time, love, and attention to the children at Dorie’s Promise as her profession and passion, 2) every woman who has shown up consistently whether in the forefront or behind the scenes to make our home a place where children can enjoy the safety and love of a family.

Today, we’re celebrating our very special mothers at Dorie’s Promise. 🎉

Our Special Mothers in House 5 and House 6

Thank you for helping us raise loving, smart, funny, and happy children. Some of you have been with us for more than a decade. A few of you have been with us since the beginning. You provide the stability our children need in their lives every day.

Everyone who visits our home understands the connection these precious women have with our children. They are the ones who raise our children every single day. Their love and dedication are undeniable.

What you may not know is the level of dedication they give our children. They work on alternating 24-hour shifts, with a rotation of nights off to rest and refresh. On their full 24-hour days, these amazing women work from 7 am to 7 am and then start their commute home. Some of our Special Mothers have commuted from up to 2 hours away to care for our children. They’re willing to endure the long bus rides because they love our children.

We’re incredibly grateful for the women who have helped us raise our children over the years.

The Women Who Make Our Home Special

Mama Titi feeding a babyOur home has always been run by a team of dedicated, strong women and men. In fact, most of our positions are held by women both in Guatemala and stateside. Because many of them work behind the scenes (and prefer to avoid the spotlight), they aren’t always recognized for their efforts.

Today, we want to thank those women for the way they support our home.

Court appointments, meals, laundry, school decisions, homework, teaching, community projects, marketing, scheduling, bookkeeping, planning—all these contributions and many more are done by the willing hands and big hearts of the women who work on behalf of our children.

Over the last decade, a faithful group of women has also become the foundation for our Forever Changed International Community. They visit our children regularly. Churches and organizations hear the stories of our home and connect with our work because of their efforts. They have expanded the definition of family to those who choose to connect long-term.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to thank all the women who give their time, love, and attention to our children. Dorie’s Promise would not be the home our children need without you.

Happy Mother’s Day 💐.

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