Celebrating Advancement in Education

Nayeli Lux at her Junior HIgh graduation

By MJ Zelya-

Nayeli Lux, Franco and Maria are moving up to new levels in school.The school year starts in January and ends in October in Guatemala. This year we’ve been very blessed at our home: children have been reunited with their adoptive parents, we have new children whose lives can now be forever changed, and we received many missionaries who have come to contribute to the work we do. Three of our children also graduated to another educational level. All of which fills us with satisfaction and pride.

The children are also very happy because they know they are building their futures step-by-step. Marking accomplishments like this keep them full of motivation and give them perseverance to make their lives better.

Education is an essential part of their development. Giving them the opportunity to have a quality education allows them to build a different future, one that can transport them out of a cycle of poverty. The goals and achievements of our children are truly stepping stones to a better life.

Being a part of their lives while giving them the support they need to accomplish their goals is one of the tasks we are committed to at Dorie’s Promise — to help and improve their level of education and to build good citizens with godly values.

Maria walks down the aisle at her preschool graduation.This work changes lives forever! It motivates us to move forward in what we do for the children of Guatemala.

The children whose accomplishments we are celebrating this year included Nayeli Lux, one of the older girls, who finished junior high and is now moving on to high school. She says: “I’m so happy! I’ve had a hard time in school but with the support of the moms and staff and my faith in God, I know I can achieve my goals for the future.”

Maria and Franco graduated from preschool, and next year they will attend elementary school. They are so excited to be growing up. They know next year they’ll be able to play with bigger kids, and Maria is excited to see her sisters at recess time. Maria says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up … Franco says he wants to be a police officer.

Lucky, a teacher at Dorie’s Promise, says, “It’s so touching to see all the kids getting good grades — they take advantage of every moment at school to learn. They always do their homework neatly. We support them as much as we can so that they are successful in their education.”

We are so proud of them as they move on to this next step of their lives. We are also very grateful for the sponsors and supporters who help make this all possible for our children. If you want to help secure a good education for the children at Dorie’s Promise, you can give a special gift to our education fund. You may be able to give $125, $75, or $50. Whatever the amount is, let us, together, give our children the opportunity to grow spiritually and academically through the best education possible.

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  1. Shawna Miller

    Congratulations to the advancing kids at Dorie’s Promise, and to the students there that support them. My husband and daughter (born in GUA) visited Dorie’s Promise for the first time in October. We were so impressed with everything there. I hope we will be able to return in the future.

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