Celebrate Nallely Lux’s College Graduation With Us

Celebrate Nallely Lux’s College Graduation With Us

In May, Nallely Lux graduated college! We are beyond proud of her, her efforts, and the bright future she created for herself. Please join us in celebrating this momentous occasion in her life.

Nallely Lux is our oldest child and was our first child to graduate high school and continue her studies as an adult.

A Note from Nallely

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for university until Heather (our founder) pushed me to go. With help from the Berry family, I was able to start at Biola University. The main reason I chose Biola is to better my relationship with God and Biola is a Christian university.

My experiences were great, but the beginning was very challenging. Not having English as my native language was definitely a struggle, especially at the university. Little by little, I was able to improve my English which not only helped me communicate better with others but also understand them as well. I met some great friends at Biola and strengthened my relationship with God.

Nalley is the first Dori'es Promise child to graduate collegeDuring college, my goal was to graduate and then return to Guatemala to help those in need like I once was.

I am blessed to have many people who helped me during my college years. I would like to thank Heather, Alejandra (our Director), the Berry family, and the Eusey family specifically for their help during the last few years. My family at Dorie’s Promise, these families, and many others motivated me during my university studies. I am so fortunate to have these people in my life.

After graduating with a degree in communications and double minors in Spanish and theology, I can say that God is faithful. I plan to work for a year to gain more experience in my field and then pursue my master’s degree. This is my plan, but I must see if that’s the same plan God has for me. During these years, I’ve learned to always trust in God’s plans because His plans are perfect and better than the ones we have for ourselves.

What makes me most happy is showing the kids at Dorie’s Promise that if I can do this, they can too. One of my goals is to motivate them to follow their dreams. When I visited after graduation, I shared with them, “I did not need easy, just possible” because life is hard but with God everything is possible if we are willing to work hard for the things we want.

I’m blessed to be part of the Forever Changed International family and I thank everyone who helped me achieve my goals and dreams. My family is made up of people who care and are there for me during my highs and lows. They have always been there for me. Thank you.

🎓 Congratulations Nallely. We love you and are excited to see what God has waiting for you in the future.

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