Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—October and November 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—October and November 2020

Happy Birthday from Dorie’s Promise! We had to take a little break from our normal birthday celebrations due to quarantine. But, we’re back with more cake and shenanigans!

At the end of November, we celebrated all of our October and November birthday kiddos—Carlos, Sofia, Marcos, Myra, Omar, and Estela.

🎂 Carlos

From the time he was a toddler, Carlos has been cute and funny. He’s the kind of kid who draws you in and before you know it, you’re on the floor covered in Legos. We’re watching him move from the cute little kid stage into the big kid phase. Carlos is a builder. Cars, buildings, it doesn’t matter. If he has Legos, he’ll dream up something and make it come to life. No detail is left untouched. His curiosity also builds deep bonds with our staff, especially his teachers. Carlos is also a learner. But, he’s still a little boy who is practicing the things he learns. We’re holding tight to his little boy days, especially memories like the way he signs his name right now, with a backward “s.”

From our staff, “Carlos, we love to see you grow every day in stature and wisdom. We enjoy every moment by your side. We love you and bless your life.”

Happy 7th Birthday Carlos!

🎂 Sofia

No matter who she’s with, Sofia quickly dreams up a way for everyone to have fun. Three years ago, she and her two brothers (Sebastian and Isaias) joined us as foster children. Their case is still working through the court system. Sofia is a perfect fit for our little group of preschool girls. She’s outgoing, very intelligent, and hysterical. This girl loves to talk. She always has a funny story to tell, an opinion to give, or a quick-witted answer. We never know what she might say next. Rest assured, it will probably be funny though. She certainly keeps us laughing. And when she gets together with the other girls or with her brothers, there will definitely be fun.

From our staff, “Sofia, you are a beautiful and charming girl. We love you! May your life be full of many beautiful things. Enjoy each day that God gives you.”

Happy 5th Birthday Sofia!

🎂 Marcos

The youngest of three siblings, Marcos takes his place as the witty child in our home. There’s a good chance he could be a successful comedian if he really wanted to be. As he gets older, his humor becomes funnier and matches us even better. Marcos is also a very caring boy, always looking out for his brother, his sister, and the other children in our home. Everyone enjoys his company. As he gets older, his interests have changed as well. He still enjoys playing soccer in the backyard or with his friends. But, he also has taken a greater interest in video games. Don’t worry though, we’ll always hold tight to our pictures of him with his silly grin.

From our staff, “Marcos, we love to see you always happy. May God continue to fill you with grace and embrace you with His love every day. We love you!”

Happy 11th Birthday Marcos!

🎂 Myra

Mature beyond her years, Myra has a plan for her life and is willing to work hard to achieve her goals. From the time she joined us several years ago, she has declared that she was going to become a doctor. With a level of maturity and focus not normally found in a teenager, she’s put herself on the path to achieving her goal. School is the most important thing in her life and she’s thankful for the opportunity to learn every day. Next month, Myra will start the second year of her high school medical program. We do not doubt that she will finish high school and continue on the college. Myra is an amazing young woman and we’re excited to watch her chase this dream.

From our staff, “Myra, we admire your resilience and outlook on life. We love you very much and we hope to see you grow up and become an excellent doctor.”

Happy 18th Birthday Myra!

🎂 Omar

Quiet, helpful, responsible—words that describe Omar perfectly. Several years ago, Omar and his younger brother Emanuel joined us as foster children. Omar brings a calming spirit to our sometimes loud and energetic house. He has his times when he’s running around the backyard playing freeze tag or caught in the middle of a heated soccer game on the hill, but most of the time he’s the one helping our Special Mothers or quietly creating. Omar loves creating pictures, whether in the form of puzzles or drawing. His imagination is amazing and he enjoys seeing the detail within his pictures. We’re excited to see him grow even more during the new school year.

From our staff, “Omar, we thank God for your life and that your days are full of love and happiness. We all love you!”

Happy 12th Birthday Omar!

🎂 Estela

Estela is another big part of our preschool girl squad. She’s part girly-girl and part sassy-girl. If you’ve met her, you know what we mean. But, she’s also one of the sweetest and funniest little girls in our home. Estela has been with us for the last two years as a foster child and we’ve loved having her as part of our family. It’s hard to remember a time without her (and our other little girls) in our home. She brings smiles, silliness, and a whole bunch of preschool fun to our home. We’re excited to see how much she learns this year in school. Our collection of drawings and paintings is sure to expand.

From our staff, “May God bless you with love, peace, and joy every day of your life. We all love you, Estela.”

Happy 5th Birthday Estela!

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