Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise – May 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise – May 2020

Feliz Cumpleanos from Dorie’s Promise. At the end of May, we enjoyed our family birthday party in the backyard at Dorie’s Promise. We’re excited to share birthday updates about our May birthday kiddos!

In May, we celebrated four very special kids—Dulce, Jimena, Manuel, and Elvis.


Our sweet Dulce just turned 8! It seems almost impossible that the tiny baby who came to our home during the summer of 2012 is so big. In the last few years, we’ve seen huge advancements in her abilities. She enjoys having all the kids home from school. Her favorite activity is playing Legos with Miss Jenny and the preschoolers during class time. She also really enjoys the special attention she gets from the older girls.

From our staff, “Our sweet Dulce, you deserve the love of everyone who knows you. We hope that your days are always full of happiness and joy.”

🎉 Happy Birthday Dulce!


Anyone who’s met her knows that Jimena is our spitfire, always ready to have fun. She and her younger sister have been foster children in our home for the last 3 years. The sisters love to play with each other as much as possible, with Jimena often acting as the leader. We’ve noticed some big changes since she started school. She’s matured and is beginning to show the confidence of an older child. Don’t worry though, she kept her spunk. She’s still right in the middle of every dance party.

From our staff, “Jimena, may God bless you with love in your heart, peace in your soul, and joy in your life. We love you.”

🎉 Happy Birthday Jimena!


Manuel hit double digits in May—10 years old! In the last 3 years, he’s brought an amazing amount of joy into our home. He is always smiling and happy. It doesn’t matter what activity he’s doing, he’s having fun. Just ask former mission team participants, they’ll tell you how he’s one of the first kids volunteering for every game and craft. Right now, he’s really into building cool buildings and towers with Legos. Although he misses his friends from school, he’s happy to have so many kids to play with at home. He was especially happy about his birthday cake because he loves desserts!

From our staff, “Manuel, continue being that happy and fun boy that you are today. You make our lives happier. We wish you lots of love!”

🎉 Happy Birthday Manuel!


Elvis celebrated his 9th birthday in May. It’s hard to believe he and his siblings have been with us for 5 years. Elvis is starting to become his own unique person, stepping out from his older brother’s shadow. He’s such a sweet, quiet boy. As he’s gotten older, his love of art has grown. He has books full of his drawings, many of which show his favorite tv and movie characters. Given the choice, he’ll almost always choose to slip away and draw in his free time. Maybe we have a budding artist in our home. Time will tell. We’re so happy to celebrate Elvis’ special day.

From our staff, “Elvis, much love and good wishes to the sweetest child. We all love you.”

🎉 Happy Birthday Elvis!

Even now, we’re celebrating the amazing children in our home. They’re awesome and we know you think so too. Celebrate with us by becoming a monthly sponsor. For even more updates from Dorie’s Promise, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.  

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