Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—June 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—June 2020

At the end of June, we celebrated another batch of birthdays at Dorie’s Promise. 🎉 We’re excited to share a little update about each of June’s birthday kids!

In June, we celebrated four very special kids—Aron, Isaias, Merari, and Yohana.

🎂 Aron

Last May, Aron and his two younger sisters joined our Dorie’s Promise family as foster children. At first, Aron may seem quiet and shy, but when you gain his trust you’ll find him to be very outgoing. He loves action figures, cars, and anything that makes noise. Following his lead, our boys spend hours creating grand adventures and imagining themselves playing the role of a superhero. We love his creativity and the way he keeps us all laughing. Playtime is always full of adventure and laughs when Aron is around. Having him and his sisters with us for the last year has been a joy.

From our staff, “You are a lovely boy Aron. Continue being the happy, smiling boy that you are today. May God bless you always!”

Happy 8th Birthday Aron!

🎂 Isaias

Isaias is running full-steam towards boyhood and away from preschool life. Of course, we feel like he’s always running. It’s one of his favorite activities. No matter if we’re at the park, in the backyard, playing tag, or taking a “walk,” Isaias is most likely running. He’s a little boy who never runs out of energy. Just when we think he’s ready to slow down, he fools us by shifting to Legos. During the last 3 years, we’ve seen him make big changes. The sweet little toddler we first welcomed as a foster child has grown into a confident little boy, thanks in part to his awesome teachers at school and the time our staff spends with him at home.

From our staff, “Isaias, May God bless each day of your life with love, grace, and wisdom. We all love you.”

Happy 6th Birthday Isaias!

🎂 Merari

It’s hard to believe Merari is 14 years old already. She quickly maturing into a confident, strong young woman with a quick wit and big heart. As she gets older, Merari is becoming quite the fashionista in our home. Given free time, she’ll assemble outfits for all the girls and create magnificent hairstyles. Watching her mature has been such a pleasure, especially as we see her relationships with the other girls and Special Mothers in our home deepen. Merari cares deeply, keeps us laughing, and enjoys spending time with those she loves.

From our staff, “Merari, May God bless you with health, success, and joy in your life. We love you.”

Happy Birthday Merari!

🎂 Yohana

We have another teenager in our house! Last month, Yohana turned 13. She’s our sweet, quiet girl at home. Especially during this time of quarantine, we often find Yohana lost in the pages of a good book. Reading is her favorite activity, an escape for thinking and dreaming, as well as quiet time alone. Her sweet personality and nurturing spirit also serve her well as a big sister. She loves spending quality time with her 2 little brothers. The 3 siblings share a very special bond, as demonstrated by the boys’ tolerance of her doting and hugs. Yohana is our sweetheart.

From our staff, “We all love you Yohana. Wishing you a joyful life and hoping that the grace of God stays with you every day.”

Happy Birthday Yohana!

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