Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—January 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—January 2020

It’s our very first birthday update of 2021! We’re excited to share about our January birthday celebration.

At the end of January, we celebrated Alejandra, Brayan, Marta, Santiago, and Silvia

Alejandra🎂 Alejandra

Our home is filled with more laughs and more love because of Alejandra. Her laugh catches your attention and draws you in. Over the last few years, we enjoyed witnessing her transform from the anxious girl who first came to our home into the confident young woman she is today. Alejandra is everyone’s friend and truly enjoys making others happy. Whether she’s creating stunning hairstyles, entertaining the littlest kids in our home, or playing soccer with Marcos, Lester, and Ulices, Alejandra is always smiling, the face of true joy.

From our staff, “Alejandra, your love for others and yourself is your greatest treasure. We are happy to see you grow in stature and wisdom. We pray that God will keep blessing you. We love you.”

Happy 14th Birthday Alejandra!


Brayan🎂 Brayan

We’ve had the distinct honor of caring for Brayan since he was a little boy. Raising him has been a joy for us. As the oldest boy in our home, Brayan has always embodied the role of big brother to all the younger boys. His compassionate heart makes everyone feel welcome and loved while his playful and competitive spirit brings energy to our home. Watching Brayan mature and become a strong, confident young man on the cusp of stepping into the world fills us with pride. We’re thankful for the lessons he’s taught us over the years and the love he shows us every day. We’re excited to see what’s ahead for him in 2021.

From our staff, “We thank God for allowing us to watch you grow and become a very collaborative young man and a good person. We are very proud of you. We love you and hope your dreams come true.”

Happy 21st Birthday Brayan!


Marta🎂 Marta

Without much effort, Marta quietly slips into the back of a group. Not one to be the center of attention, she prefers to watch what happens and spend time with a few close friends. Marta is a beautiful, creative young woman. During the last few years, we’ve enjoyed watching her become more confident and embrace her unique gifts. Marta is very creative, often drawing, painting, and designing pieces from recycled materials. Her calm, patient spirit is a welcome force in our often loud, energetic home. She loves spending time with our younger girls, often acting as the teacher in their pretend school. We love having Marta in our home.

From our staff, “For our sweet Marta, we love you very much and we wish the best for your life. God bless you. We pray that you never lack health, love, and all the good things.”

Happy 12th Birthday Marta!


Santiago🎂 Santiago

With his crazy hair and his wry smile, Santiago brings the kind of energy into our home that only a little boy can. He’s one half of our dynamic toddler boy duo with Sebastian. Santiago is a foster child in our home currently. Although we aren’t sure how long he’ll be with us, we love having him here. With so many big boys around, he’s quickly learning to be one of the big kids in his way. It’s always fun to watch him “play soccer” in the backyard, which is usually more like chasing the other boys as they pass the ball. Although he’s quite energetic, one of our favorite memories will always be the way he plays with Efrain and pushes his stroller on walks.

From our staff, “Santiago, it has been a blessing to see you grow! We are very happy to be able to share with you every day and see how smart and loving you are. We love you!”

Happy 3rd Birthday Santiago!


Silvia🎂 Silvia

Silvia is quiet, slightly guarded. But, if you’re one of the lucky ones in her inner circle, you know she loves her friends fiercely and is an amazing young woman. Silvia is quite often found in the middle of whatever game is being played—soccer, freeze tag, anything active and competitive. Her passion for sports hides her quieter side. In recent years, Silvia has taken an interest in cooking and baking. Quite often she helps our kitchen staff, enjoying the company of the ladies in our kitchen as well as the opportunity to taste test their creations. Silvia is a quiet, confident leader in our home.

From our staff, “Silvia, all of us at Dorie’s Promise long for all your dreams to come true. God bless every day of your life. We love you very much!”

Happy 15th Birthday Silvia!

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