Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—February 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—February 2020

Here’s a peek inside last month’s birthday bash and updates about our birthday kids.

At the end of February, we celebrated Abraham, Ana, Aracely, Jesus, Maria, and Monica

🎂 Abraham


Our silly little boy Abraham is growing up. Don’t worry though, his fun and funny personality still shines through. Did you happen to catch the back-to-school picture we shared at the beginning of February? Lately, he’s been really interested in all things technology. Getting older and doing school virtually probably have a lot to do with his shift in interests. He’s making the most of his tablet and virtual school, using them to stay connected with his friends. This year, he’s in the 4th grade at a local private school (classes are still done virtually).

From our staff, “Our adorable and sweet Abraham has grown up! It has been an honor and a blessing to see you grow up and see the great boy you have become. We love you! God bless you much more!”

Happy 11th Birthday Abraham!


🎂 Ana


The new school year is a welcome change for Ana. Although she enjoyed the break from classes, she’s excited for new ninth grade classes and new material to learn this year. Her school began classes virtually in January and hopes to return in-person later in the year. She’s determined to do well and be one of the leaders in her class. Over the last year, she’s also taken an interest in hand lettering and baking, both of which are hobbies we can enjoy too. We’re so thankful for Ana’s warm smile and loving personality in our home.

From our staff, “Our sweet Ana, it is an honor to be part of your life and to see all that you have achieved! We hope all the love that we receive from you is returned to you much more. We all love you!”

Happy 17th Birthday Ana!


🎂 Aracely

AracelyAs the oldest girl in our home, Aracely holds a very special place. She’s the big sister to her 3 younger siblings and a de-facto influencer to all of our other girls. We’ve watched her mature into a confident young woman and leader. Even though it’s been very hard the last year, she’s continuing her culinary studies online and can’t wait for the day they return to class in-person. Her grace and confidence are infectious. We’re certain that one day she’ll achieve her dream of owning a restaurant and creating a place for people to gather.

From our staff, “For the oldest and most loving girl at home: it is our wish for you that your life is full of lots of love and good things. We love you and we thank God for your life! Go ahead with your dreams, you will reach very high!”

Happy 19th Birthday Aracely!


🎂 Jesus


Jesus has been with us as a foster child for the last year and a half. He’s a cutie for sure and usually very quiet. He quickly became friends with Isaias and our other boys. They share a mutual love of toy cars and general playroom chaos. He also loves playing outside, it’s the one place he’s never shy. If there’s a game to be played, he’s there. Jesus also has exciting news this year—he started school for the first time! He’s really excited to be in Preschool this year with our other children.

From our staff, “God bless your life, Jesus. You are a strong and admirable boy. We wish for many good things in your life. You deserve each one of them.”

Happy 5th Birthday Jesus!




Maria is now officially a teenager! It’s hard to believe the toddler who first entered our home is now a young woman. Lately, her interests have begun to shift more to those of a teenager. She has taken an interest in movies, photography, fashion, and spending time with her friends. Given her style and eye for beauty, it’s easy to imagine her achieving her dream job as a photographer. The only question is what type of photographer she’ll become. Her 7th grade classes started online again this year, but she’s hoping for a quick return to school and reconnecting with her friends.

From our staff, “We love you, Maria. We thank God for your life! We hope that each of your dreams and goals can be fulfilled because you have guidance to achieve each one of them.”

Happy 13th Birthday Maria!


🎂 MonicaMonica

Since her quinceanera last year, Monica has matured and changed in beautiful ways. Celebrating with her extended family and everyone who loves her so much gave her the confidence to work hard. For her birthday last year, she received a lovely pair of earrings. On their own, they’re a great gift but for Monica they were a clue about what she wants to do in the future. Monica wants to be a stylist. She enjoyed being special and wants to make others feel the same way. Now, she’s determined to work hard and make her dream come true. Her next step is doing well and finishing school. This year, Monica is in our sixth grade homeschooling program.

From our staff, “You are a very beautiful and loving girl. Your nobility is your greatest virtue. We wish you the best in your life. May God be with you and guide your way. We love you!”

Happy 16th Birthday Monica!

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