Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—December 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—December 2020

Not only did we end 2020 with a fun backyard Christmas party and New Year’s fireworks, but we also celebrated our December birthdays.

At the end of December, we celebrated Jennifer, Mateo, and Ulices.

Jennifer🎂 Jennifer

Watching Jennifer mature into a smart, beautiful young has been our pleasure. Soon, she will be making decisions about her future studies and possible career interests. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. Jennifer is an artist. She loves to draw, paint, and practice hand lettering. Look closely at our holiday photos, you’ll see Jennifer’s creativity throughout. She helped our staff decorate our homes for the holidays this year. Most recently, she’s learned to knit and sew, making hats, gloves, and even a Christmas tablecloth. Jennifer brings a wonderful mix of beauty and creativity to our home.

From our staff, “We love you very much and we thank God for your life! We admire your nobility and simplicity. We wholeheartedly long for your dreams to come true.”

Happy 17th Birthday Jennifer!

Mateo🎂 Mateo

We’re so thankful for Mateo’s calming presence in our home, especially as we faced so much uncertainty. Not one to get too ruffled, he has handled our many changes with ease and helped our younger boys transition as well. He is a wonderful role model and big brother around our home. Of course, he’s slightly less quiet and much more competitive if you’re playing soccer or video games with him. We’re excited to watch Mateo mature into a responsible, loving young man.

From our staff, “We want your life to be full of fun and special moments. Meeting you and sharing with you is a gift for us. We love you! God bless you.”

Happy 14th Birthday Mateo!

Ulices 🎂Ulices

Ulices fills a very special place in our home. He may be the middle child amongst his siblings, but he thrives in his role as an older brother. Not only does he enjoy being a big brother to Marcos, but he also thoroughly enjoys spending time with and helping the other boys in our home. His caring personality shines through with younger children. The fact that he is light-hearted and loves to make people laugh adds to the joy he brings to our home. We can always count on Ulices to help before we ask and include everyone in activities.

From our staff, “Your grace and nobility are your best qualities. We wish that all the love you give to others, be returned a thousandfold. We love you and we bless your life!”

Happy 13th Birthday Ulices!

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