Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—April 2021

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—April 2021

Towards the end of April, we had a very special birthday celebration at Dorie’s Promise. For the first time in over a year, several of our U.S.-based staff members were able to visit our home to work on a special project. Their perfect timing allowed them to celebrate our April birthdays with us!

We celebrated 4 awesome kids in April—Daniela, Flor, Mario, and Yire.

🎂 Daniela

Two years ago, Daniela and her older siblings Ailyn and Aron burst into our home as foster children. She’s spunky and fun. Daniela may be the littlest girl in our home, but she loves to keep up with all the other kids. Luckily, she is surrounded by lots of other girls who are only a year or two older than her. If they’re not listening to music and dancing, they’re finding a million other ways to have fun and laugh. Daniela loves when the girls go on walks with Mama Glenda and have a chance to play at our community park. She is such a fun, sweet girl and we love having her in our home.

From our staff, “For the youngest girl in the house, God bless you every day. We love you and desire the best for you.”

Happy 4th Birthday Daniela!

🎂 Flor

It’s hard to believe Flor is the same quiet girl who first came to our home several years ago. She’s matured into a wonderful young woman who uses her quiet strength to set a confident tone within our home. Last year, her traditional quinceanera was postponed due to the pandemic. After a year of anticipation, we created a birthday celebration fully representing her. The party was small and simple in our backyard, honoring who Flor is and what she enjoys most—the people around her. We’re so incredibly proud of the young woman she’s becoming.

From our staff, “For our sweet Flor, we want the best for your life. We hope it is full of special moments, many blessings, and joys. We love you.”

Happy 16th Birthday Flor!

🎂 Mario

This year, Mario is thoroughly enjoying our homeschool program. Although he was able to participate in school online last year, second grade is much better in person. One of his favorite parts of school is art. Anytime our teachers bring out craft supplies, he gets excited because he enjoys being creative and bringing his ideas to life. Christmas last year was another bright spot for Mario because most of the boys got new Lego kits. We now have almost every type of Lego vehicle in our home. We’re thankful for good teachers and the opportunity to homeschool Mario this year.

From our staff, “We love you and bless your life. You are very special to us and we sincerely hope that your life is full of good things.”

Happy 9th Birthday Mario!

🎂 Yire

Yire is growing into quite the charming young man. He’s still one of the first to greet guests in our home and invite them into a game of soccer, but his maturity is also starting to show through. As he gets older, we’re enjoying the shift from a loveable little boy to an intelligent young man. He continues to excel at school, continuing in distance learning for now. For Christmas, he received a laptop to help him with his classwork. We can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for him.

From our staff, “Yire, you have a special light. Your charisma and personality are your greatest qualities. In this house, you are very beloved. We always want the best for your life.”

Happy 11th Birthday Yire!

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