Behind the Scenes: Meet Ana Maria

Behind the Scenes: Meet Ana Maria

Children enter our home after enduring a wide range of traumatic experiences. For some, physical abuse, neglect, and poverty consumed their previous lives. Coupled with the loss of their biological families and homes, our children enter care in a fragile emotional state.

Trauma affects more than their physical health. Doc and Mirna, our medical staff work diligently to help heal the physical wounds and ailments of our children but for many of our children, their deepest wounds are not physical. Unfortunately, psychological and emotional wounds can take much longer to heal.

Ana Maria’s long-term mission

Dorie's Promise Staff Ana Maria PsychologistKnowing that our children’s emotional health is key to their healing and future success, Ana Maria joined our staff in 2012. With more than a decade of experience as a clinical psychologist specializing in adolescent mental health and social adaptations, Ana Maria brings experience and compassion to our home.

With her gentle, loving demeanor, Ana Maria guides our children as they process their past trauma and begin to heal. She is a trusted adult in whom our children confide their deepest pain and biggest dreams. Day by day, she is always amazed by the healing she witnesses and the resilience embedded in the spirit of our children.

Her most difficult relationships are some of her favorite memories. Often, these children require a long, slow period of relationship building. For some children, it can take years before they feel safe enough to truly engage in therapy. Their wounds are deep and their previous experiences taught them to guard themselves against adults. Luckily, Ana Maria has a gentle, loving spirit that shows through in her patience and dedication to each child’s health. No matter how long it takes, she is willing to slowly guide them through the healing process. She genuinely loves our children and is committed to doing the hard work required to make their lives great.

Ana Maria’s dream is for Dorie’s Promise to provide compassionate, holistic care for twice as many children in the future. Thanks to her years of experience in our home, as well as volunteering in rural Mayan communities, she understands the great need within Guatemala and believes in our staff’s ability to help even more children.

We are thankful for Ana Maria’s love and faithfulness to our children and mission. You can help make Ana Maria’s dream of helping more children come true by joining us as a monthly sponsor today.

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