Backyard Update: Green Grass Again

By Alejandra Diaz-

Although a sinkhole that developed soon after we started backyard renovations last summer sent us back to square one, two mission teams recently helped us put down new grass.

First, a group of missionaries visited from Dec. 3 to 12 to help with this as part of their projects. We also had a group from a Nazarene church that did additional work the first week of January.

These two groups invested about $1,000 in the yard work, a welcome addition to our resources.

Fortunately, the problems caused by the sinkhole have been resolved. However, we still need to meet with the architect to formulate plans to resume other improvements.

We had completed a covered patio and a wall behind the patio before the sinkhole developed and wiped out all the grass. All the small plants we had put in also had to be removed.

Because of this interruption, we had to restrict access to the backyard due to safety concerns.

While repairs were in progress, children had to play outside the homes or in a small, nearby park. This was not always a good option because of rain or cold weather.

Although we have green grass again, we need to wait 20 to 30 days before the kids can play there, so we can make sure the turf is strong enough to accommodate them.

Despite the setback, we saw something good come out of this situation. During their vacation from school, we enrolled the older children into a football-soccer course. To make sure they had adequate exercise, they attended for four hours every morning.

Not only did they enjoy the course, they did so well that the team from Dorie’s Promise captured the championship trophy! So God does have a plan, even in the midst of apparent disaster.

In addition to establishing a new construction plan, we also have to draw up a new budget.

Before the problems, we were about $5,000 short of the $20,000 needed to complete the renovations.

One of the primary reasons for this work is to meet our goal of providing an attractive, safe environment where children can exercise, have fun, and socialize with visiting mission teams and individuals. It will also provide a meeting space for staff members.

For us, Dorie’s Promise is a place where most of the dreams that kids have can come true—such as having a nice place to live, a good school, and proper medical care, not to mention people who care about you.

Since having a good place to play would likely make any child’s “top 10 list,” we want to make this dream a reality too.

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