Aracely Graduates from Diversificado

Aracely Graduates from Diversificado

🎓 Three of our kids are graduating this year. This week, we’re highlighting Aracely’s graduation from diversificado.

Studying the Connection Between Food and Culture

Aracely helping in the Dorie's Promise kitchen.

Aracely is a big tourism and food fanatic. Her love of traveling and food found a perfect match in diversificado (high school) where she studied tourism and gastronomy. Gastronomy combines the practicality of cooking with the culture behind different culinary traditions. Coupled with tourism, her intrigue into other cultures finds a practical way to reach people.

One of her favorite parts about her school was learning how to cook. As she learned new skills, she was able to use her knowledge and imagination to create beautiful culinary masterpieces. We’ve been impressed with the way her teachers taught practical skills while also including new kinds of ingredients, new ways of cooking, and encouraged her creativity.

The only downside of diversificado for Aracely was taking her classes online. When she started school at the beginning of 2020, having time in the kitchen with her teachers was her favorite part of school. Luckily, we were able to find all of the supplies she needed to do classes at home, and our staff was excited to help her as well.

Aracely has completed her classes and in a few weeks we get to celebrate her graduation ceremony.

Looking Ahead

Aracely at Dorie's Promise

Aracely has a lot of dreams she wants to accomplish as she becomes older and more independent. She loves what she studied in diversificado and wants to continue pursuing a career as a professional chef. 👩‍🍳

Her next step will be finding a culinary program at a local university or culinary school. Currently, our psychologist Javier is working with her to find the best options. Years ago, Javier took baking courses. He stills loves to bake and has taken a special interest in helping Aracely pursue her culinary career.

She will be applying to programs over the next month and start classes early next year.

Working towards her career and becoming more independent are two of Aracely’s main goals for the next year. We’re excited to help her take steps into adulthood because we know she has an amazing future ahead of her.

Thanking Those Who Helped Her

Aracely is proud of her graduation and wants to thank all the people who helped her be successful. Most importantly, she is thankful God has given her these opportunities. Also, she is grateful for all of the Special Mothers who’ve helped her in school by supplementing everything she learned in her classes with personal lessons she will never forget.

Her life changed drastically when she came to Dorie’s Promise, but she always looks back on the past as part of what helped her become who she is today. One of her biggest dreams is to continue helping people, especially her younger siblings, while doing her job professionally and spreading the love that Dorie’s Promise has taught her.

Aracely would like for everyone to pray for her life, her future, her hopes, her dreams, and especially her ability to pursue God’s plans.

The staff at Forever Changed International and Dorie’s Promise would like to thank each person who has supported Aracely and helped us give her these opportunities. Your support gives each child in our home the gift of education.

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