Another New Baby!

We just received a beautiful new baby girl at Dorie´s Promise today! Her name is Rocio and she is only five months old. The Social Worker didn’t give us much information about her case, but as far as we know her mother is a minor (a minor in Guatemala means she is 18 or younger).

Rocio and her mother had been living at her grandmother’s home, but the grandmother can no longer take care of both of them. They made the difficult decision to take Rocio to Social Services so they could find her a temporary home.

Rocio’s legal situation will not be decided until next July 15th, but in the meantime we have agreed to provide the care, love and affection she needs at Dorie’s Promise.

Please help us reach more children like Rocio by supporting our daily work at Dorie´s Promise, and then rejoice with us as we reach more children in need every day.


  1. Manuel

    She is a beautiful little girl, I’m glad I can work so she can have a better future

  2. Tracy Delamater

    She is so beautiful and so blessed! Thank you for making a difference in all of these childrens lives! God bless you! We love you!

  3. Rana

    It is too bad that we can’t adopt from Guatemala (b/c of the hold), we would adopt her right now…she would have so much love from our family. I am so glad that she is with Dorie’s Promise though.

  4. Devin

    What a sad situation. It’s amazing what you all are doing to help Rocio and her family.

  5. Renee Legierski

    She’s gorgeous! I love her pierced ears and her perfect little rosebud mouth. She couldn’t be in better hands.

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