I’m so excited to share with you today what the Lord has been doing in my life over the past several months.

More than 18 years ago, I was just a teenager who traveled to Romania on a simple mission trip when God captured my heart by giving me a vision to serve orphans, challenged me to step out in faith, and started me on one of the most exciting journeys you could ever imagine.

That journey led me to start All God’s Children with my parents in the basement of our home in Portland, Oregon.

I had no idea so many years ago where that single step in faith might take me. With God’s leading and the help of my parents, we’ve seen the adoptions of more than 2,000 children over the years – the first of those children being my little sister Hannah.

As I look back, I stand in awe of what God has done through AGCI. It would take pages to share with each of you how I have watched the Lord time and time again use the lives of each of you to bring joy and happiness to children in need throughout the world.

What a blessing it has been to be a part of building so many happy families and seeing so many children’s lives forever changed through the work of AGCI.

I know what I am about to share will come as a surprise to you. I want you to know that I can see God’s hand in it and feel completely at peace about what the Lord has for me in the future, as well as His plans for AGCI.

Within the last year it became apparent that the vision God gave me to serve orphans in the future was differing from that of our current president as well as the board of directors. As AGCI has grown it has become difficult for the organization to prioritize both the needs of a growing adoption agency with the needs of an ever expanding orphan care ministry.

It became clear to me that the two arms of AGCI – adoption and orphan care – needed to have some separation in order for both ministries to effectively serve the primary mission they were called to.

With more than 148 million orphans in the world today – the great majority with no hope for adoption – I knew I was being called to build an orphan care ministry that could be completely devoted to bringing hope to the children that may never have a family to call their own.

After much prayer and counsel from friends and supporters, I made a decision early this summer to step away from AGCI and start a new ministry dedicated to inspiring people with a heart to serve and help bring hope to the world’s forgotten children.

As the founder and legal representative of Hannah’s Hope Guatemala, now called Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, I will continue to operate our orphanage independently of AGCI. To do this, I will need your help. In the coming days I will write to you about what you can do to help us with our work in Guatemala as well as share with you my plans for our new ministry.

Throughout the summer, I have seen God’s hand move in wonderful ways. He has provided everything needed to start a new ministry. From supporters who have said they want to be involved, to volunteers who have stepped forward with help, and so much more!

So it is with great joy and excitement that I’m announcing the launch of our new ministry together:


Passionately Serving the World’s Forgotten Children by creating hope through life-changing ministries!

We became an official 501 (c)(3) on August 31, 2009. That means we are tax exempt and ready to start receiving donations so that we can continue to care for the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

Please visit our NEW web site at to see firsthand the lives of the many who already have been changed through the work that is going on in Guatemala.

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala will be our primary focus over the next 12 months. I want you to know everything about what we’re doing in Guatemala, see everyone who is involved, and pray with us about where we might open our next Dorie’s Promise Orphan Care Homes in the future.

You might ask, “Why the name Forever Changed?” That’s a great question!

You see, this ministry is all about God’s call on our lives – not only to FOREVER CHANGE the lives of children living without hope around the world, but also to see our own hearts forever changed in the process.

I believe through our commitment to serve that we are ALL blessed in ways that leave us FOREVER CHANGED as well.

Forever Changed International is and always will be a grassroots movement. Right now, this movement is me working out of my house with a host of friends and volunteers who have helped with all the work needed to make Forever Changed become a reality.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be announcing the launch of Forever Changed International to you.

God has called me to be a voice that unites like-hearted people to serve. But it is impossible to do this work alone. I need your commitment to be a part of this ministry.

We need to excite and ignite those around us to serve.

I am asking that you partner with me over the next year as we work together to build a ministry that is going to reach out across the world and leave the lives of children – children who need us – forever changed.

Please join with me as we prayerfully launch FOREVER CHANGED.

As you pray, please be checking your mail box. Within the next few days, you will receive another letter from me addressing the following questions:

  • Specific ways you can be in prayer for the ministry and become actively involved.
  • If you are currently a Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, formerly Hannah’s Hope Guatemala, sponsor you will receive detailed instructions on how you can go about easily renewing your sponsorship for Dorie’s Promise through Forever Changed International.
  • More about missions! Ashley Williams and I will address all questions about trips currently planned to Dorie’s Promise, as well as how you can join a mission trip to visit us in Guatemala!
  • What we have planned for the future of Forever Changed International.
  • If you are an adoptive family, how you and your child can continue to be connected to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala for years to come.

Make sure to let everyone know about the new direction I am taking with the launch of Forever Changed and our work at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Tell your friends, share on your blogs, post on Facebook so that everyone knows where they can find more information about our mission. Visit our new site often to see updates and please send me the stories of how God has forever changed your life through orphan care and adoption.

Thank you for your heart and passion to serve the orphans of Guatemala and all those around the world. May God richly bless our future work together! Please continue to pray for me, my family, and the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Your continued encouragement and support is a tremendous blessing to all of us.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so via email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Be on the lookout for my next letter!

Serving together,

Heather Radu
Forever Changed International

P.S. This is a new day for me and for Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. The founding of Forever Changed International will allow us to reach our vision to serve even more orphans around the world!

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